No matter how high quality your home appliances and other equipment are, at one point or the other, you will need the services of a handyman.

A handyman is an individual who has acquired expertise in any home or office repairs and maintenance. Handymen can fix cabinets, perform plumbing works and other general repairs. These handymen also have a wide range of services that includes major home and office renovations, electrical, carpentry, painting and general repair, restoration, reconstruction, maintenance and installation services

As such, getting a great handyman who is efficient is the only way to ensure your home improvement’s need is met.

In this article, we are going to look at the various qualities every handyman in Singapore must possess.

  • Punctuality and reliability

Time waits for no man. As such, efficient handyman, such as those from ensures that they are punctual to all their appointments and also, be reliable.

Lateness is annoying. So, we want a handyman who will be available every time you need them. Before hiring a handyman, it is imperative to set an appointment of course. The reason being, you are not his only client and he may be unavailable during specific timings.

Despite his busy schedule, a responsible handyman will make sure he comes to you as soon as he is done with his other appointments, whether or not the job is urgent.

  • Honesty

Honesty is a virtual that everyone should have, handymen included.

A good handyman will tell his clients the truth about the job assigned to them. If it is something that is a quick repair, they will let their client know. There is no need to complicate things by saying certain unnecessary replacements are needed.

Great handymen will also, not prolong the job to cash in on more money.

By being honest, handymen build trust with their clients, significantly increasing the chances of receiving more jobs and recommendations from the client in the future.

  • Certification

Some repairs and maintenance work requires certified skilled personnel. For instance, if you are looking for an electrician or someone to do major home renovations, it is a good idea to go for the ones with the relevant certifications.

Most buildings in Singapore have specific rules and regulations that have to be followed when taking projects like renovation and electrical works. Thus, it is imperative to hire licensed handymen who will be able to effectively provide the services needed.

Additionally, a great handyman should have extensive experience in their respective field; especially if the job is delicate. Experienced handymen are often confident in whatever they are doing, which goes a long way in assuring you that your problem will be solved accordingly.

  • Well-equipped

How unprofessional can it be when you hire a handyman and you realize they do not have the necessary tools?

Handymen should have right equipment such as screwdrivers, nuts, pliers, drills, and tapes among other things to perform their job.  These are tools that should rarely be asked from the client as they are the tools of trade for any professional handyman.

  • Professional

Professionalism is essential no matter what field you are in. As such, handymen are required to be professional. They must respect their clients and the client’s belongings.  They should also speak politely and with courtesy.

Last but not least, a great handyman will never leave a job unfinished unless under very special circumstances that should, otherwise, be communicated to the client beforehand.