Should You Be Removing Moss from Your Roof?

We at Conservatory Cleaning Wigan offer moss removal Wigan as part of our available core services. We have been helping people in Wigan rid their homes of pesky moss as well as other stubborn debris for a number of years now.

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘should I be removing moss from my roof?’.

Before we delve into whether you should be removing moss yourself, we would first like to properly outline what moss is and the effect it can have on your property’s roof.

Why is Moss Bad for Your Roofing?

Moss and algae have a tendency to form in damp and shaded areas as these types of conditions lend the optimal attributes for their growth.

These can cause damage to your roof directly and indirectly through a number of different ways.

How Does Moss Damage Roofs?

If you allow large patches of moss to grow on your roof, these patches hold water against the surface of the roof, which can cause the roofing materials to rot and eventually the structural integrity of your roofing will be compromised.

If the water between your tiles and the roofing itself freezes, when it begins to thaw it has the potential to pull your tiles apart.

If you want to keep your roofing in top condition and are interested in roof moss removal Wigan, speak to Conservatory Cleaning Wigan about how we can help you.

How do You Tackle Problem Roofs?

Tackling the problem of moss on roofs is no easy feat, if roofs are not treated properly- you run the risk of actually damaging your roof even further.

First of all, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate safety equipment to ensure you can reach the problem area and administer treatment.

This means ladders and potentially harnesses and anchors to ensure that you are completely safe when treating your roof.

Leave it to the Professionals 

If the thought of heading up a ladder and working at heights has got your legs feeling like jelly, then it may be best to leave the job to the professional roof cleaning Wigan company- Conservatory Cleaning Wigan.

As well as being fully safety trained and insured to work at heights, we also use specialist treatments and pesticides designed for the treatment of moss and algae.

We Use the Most Effective Treatments Available

The treatments used by Conservatory Cleaning Wigan are designed to be used on moss and algae. They are nonabrasive, non acidic solutions that are concentrated and perfect for the treatment of your roofs.

Rather than searching for the perfect treatment, leave it to your roof moss removal Wigan company who will always come armed with the right tools and solutions for the job.

Contact Your Roof Moss Removal Wigan Company Today

To protect your property’s roofs from harmful builds ups of moss and other fungus, you need to be proactive in prevention.

Speak to yours roof moss removal Wigan company- Conservatory Cleaning Wigan about how we can help protect your home all year round.

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