How to Remove Large Trees from Small Spaces

This is a difficult task that should only be done by licensed professionals. You run the risk of causing damage to nearby buildings and other safety hazards.

It is not easy to remove large trees. However, it is more difficult to do so if the tree is located in a tight area. Find out how our trained and licensed tree surgeons can safely remove large trees from small spaces throughout Pinellas County.

With Bucket Trucks and Other Equipment, Large Trees can be removed from small spaces.

Our crews take every safety precaution when removing large trees. We do this to protect our clients and our property. Safety risks can be higher when large trees are removed in confined spaces. These are the steps to take when removing large trees.

  • We lift a crew member into a bucket truck, and then maneuver it to the area where they can reach first the part of the tree that needs to be removed.
  • Once the bucket truck has been positioned, the tree surgeon will carefully and methodically remove each piece one by one. Each section will be secured with a rope to allow them to be safely lowered to the ground. This is repeated until the tree has been removed completely.
  • Once we have removed the canopy and higher branches from the tree, our crews will move the trunk down, evaluating the best way to remove it.
  • After the tree is completely removed and all its parts have been loaded into our trailer, the tree will be taken off your property.

We also grind the tree stump

Our crew can also grind the stump down after the huge tree has been removed. If you have requested this service, we will do it. It is recommended that you remove the stump as it can attract pests and begin to rot. If the stump is located close to a structure, termites can attack it and then move to the building. We will make sure that the stump is always ground to six inches below soil.

Are you looking to remove a large tree from a small area? Contact Us for An Estimate.

We can help you remove large trees for safety, construction or other reasons. Arborwise Tree Service has years of experience in tree service to quickly remove large trees from small spaces. Our tree surgeons are available to help homeowners and businesses throughout Pinellas County and the surrounding areas.

This post was written by a professional arborist at   Arbor Wise Professional Tree Care. Robert Miller is the owner of Arbor Wise Professional Tree Care, a locally owned and operated tree service company that offers superb lawn care by the most experienced Arborists. Arborwise Tree Services is a st pete tree service company that offers stump removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, fertilization, and tree restoration. We have an extraordinary lawn care industry notoriety covering the Pinellas county area.