Living Room Neutrals You’ll Love from Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace

Want a classic white that’s also elegant for your living room? You can’t go wrong with Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore. This off-white will keep any room light and allow for endless decoration variations since it’s not stealing the show. It’s classic and graceful, like a vintage wedding dress made of Chantilly Lace.

White Heron

If you want something even more off-white than Chantilly Lace, but with a touch more character, you could always check out White Heron from Benjamin Moore. This shade almost has a slight gray element but the cream nature of this shade puts it somewhere between eggshell and gray for a unique neutral shade for your living room that brings out the best of both worlds.

Tapestry Beige

Beige is coming back in a big way, and you can’t go wrong with this Benjamin Moore shade. Tapestry Beige is the unassuming taupe that calmly makes your living room look amazing and cool and never boring. Ask a paint store in North York if they have it in stock!

Stonington Gray

You’ll fall in love with this dreamy and relaxed gray shade from Benjamin Moore for your living room. If you’re a gray person and you love light shades, this might be the one for you.

Silken Pine

If you love neutrals that have a touch of colour, you’re going to love this lightest of the greens, as it’s absolutely gorgeous. Guys and girls are going to fall for this shade of Benjamin Moore in Woodbridge because of how easy-going but still really appealing and attractive it truly is! It’ll look dreamy in any room – you may want to put it in your master, you love it so much!

Cream Silk

If you want a neutral that isn’t so neutral, you can go with Cream Silk! This cream shade is lively enough to warm your entire living room up. If you like warm yellow tones you may really like this shade from Benjamin Moore.

Winds Breath

If you want a neutral shade of paint for your living room that is something of a blend of taupe, gray, and cream, Winds Breath is for you! This wonderful neutral is like a chameleon – it goes with anything! You’ll love this unique and totally neutral shade. It’s a great option for people that haven’t picked a neutral yet but are searching for something unique.

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