How to Make a Home Away from Home Without Leaving the Yard

Whether it is a She Shed or a Man Cave, wouldn’t you agree that we grown-ups deserve a space of our own? A type of home away from home without actually leaving our property? Maybe a little special place to put a do not disturb sign on the door, but still be able to keep up with the spouse and kids? I think so.

First, before putting your ideas into action, you will have to get your design plan together. Think about your likes and then what type of sanctuary would suit your tastes? Will you build this on your own, and what type of materials will you need?

There is indeed a lot to think about. However, when the finished project is done, it will all be worth the blood, sweat, and tears that you put into it. Not to mention, you will now have your own little-deserted island to wander off to when no one in your household is paying attention.

Let’s start from the outside in. Obviously, you need a foundation to build on. The quickest option would be to just build it off the ground. But you wouldn’t want that, would you? No, you need a little retreat like a spa day. Am I right? So, build your foundation with concrete. This will be the most expensive route, but you’re worth it. Another foundation that will work for your She Shed or Man Cave is a gravel bed floor.

Next, you will need to pick out the material for the frame of your shed. Do you like wooden sheds? Maybe you like stucco or brick? The point is, your shed can be made from the same material you have built your home out of. A great idea may be to make a mini house like the one your shed will sit behind. Moreover, this is your own space, so the sky is the limit.

Now, when we talk about She Sheds or Man Caves it is important to note that you can make your garage into something special as well. Granted, it may not be as separated from the house as much as a backyard shed, but it would work. The garage will often work more for the man of the house as he will be the one wanting to play with his tools and watch football. Even so, if the budget is tight, you may split a design plan in the garage that would work for both of you.

Finally, whatever plan you come up with, the most fun part will be decorating and making it comfortable for you. If you are a homebody and your family comes first, but you know you also need a little me time occasionally, then pull out your drawing board and get to work on something special for yourself. A family of everyday America usually has their daily planner tacked to the wall in the kitchen with a full schedule for mom and dad, so why not build a little you time and pencil it in?