Coffee – Pre grind coffee VS freshly ground beans.

Who doesn’t like coffee? When asked for a cup of coffee, rarely anyone declines the offer. Coffee makes one feel more awake and hyped to complete more tasks. It relaxes our muscles and our brain. Coffee is the first thing in the morning and the last thing in the night.

A perfect cup of coffee, hardly anyone can achieve it, because everyone’s taste in coffee is different. Some like pure black while others look for more of a mixture of milk and sugar. Some like to top theirs with whipped cream while others love some vanilla in theirs. Coffee, from the start of its history, was a mysterious drink, different for everyone. For some it was known as ‘berries’ to some it was drinking like ‘Kehvah’ to others it was ‘Drink of the satan’. Many people have a different opinion on coffee even now.

Coming down to our topic of today; whether the pre-grinded coffee is good or the freshly ground beans.

There are the cons and pros of everything, so the cons and pros of pre-grinded coffee and freshly grounded beans are:

Pre-grinded Coffee:


  • No need for a grinder, this is the most amazing fact of pre-grinded coffee that no one needs to use and buy a grinder. The grinding of coffee isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most people find the concept hard and they are unable to understand or learn.
  • Comfortable, the pre-grinded coffee is very comfortable for those who need it fast without going through the process of grinding the beans every time you require a cup of coffee. This is also why some people who often work late and hard or have to leave early morning, buy pre-grinded coffee.


  • Quality, if you are talking about the comfort of pre-grinded coffee, it is a dip on the downside that the pre-grinded coffee is very low in quality.
  • Compatibility, if someone has a coffee maker, the quality of their pre-grinded coffee downs a little bit more here, as the size of the coffee grind is very important for a perfect cup of coffee. The beans which are already ground and then sold, are usually ground to the normal thickness and thus doesn’t give a satisfying cup of coffee.

Freshly Grounded beans:


  • Quality, the freshly ground coffee is always luxurious in taste. It refreshes one’s mind and muscles and just relaxes the body with its enriched taste.
  • Compatibility, while you can’t grind the beans to your liking in pre-grinded coffee, but with fresh beans, one can customize it to their likings, whether they want a thinly ground powder or thick ground beans.


There are no cons of freshly grounded coffee as there are now modern technology brings the coffee maker with grinder inserted inside. You don’t need to ground your beans by hand as many people had to do in the past.

There are the best coffee makers with a grinder sold in the world, so you don’t have to worry about drinking quality-less coffee.

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