6 Considerations Before Buying a Shower Enclosure

Homeowners have a wide range of options to choose from when buying shower enclosures. There are so many different sizes, designs, and types that it can become confusing to narrow-down all the excellent choices on offer. This guide aims to help you decide by focusing on the six primary considerations before buying a shower enclosure.

Bathroom space

Space is a major determining factor before choosing a specific design or style. Are you buying a shower enclosure as an en-suite to your existing bathroom or is it for a separate shower area? Space will also dictate the shape and positioning of the enclosure. It will also help you decide whether or not you can afford to have a door that opens outwards.

Placement of the enclosure

Once you have determined how much space you have in your bathroom for the installation of a shower enclosure, the next consideration is the position or placement of the enclosure. Are you thinking about placing it in a corner, in the middle, or against the wall? The position will impact the type of tray and door you require for the enclosure.

The type of glass

Shower enclosures come with built-in shower glass panels. It is important that these panels are made with thick tempered glass for durability. The thickness of the glass also depends on the shape of the enclosure. If you choose a curved enclosure, it is likely to be made from thinner glass panels. You also need to check if all the glass edges have extra protection. This will make it resistant to damage caused by unintentional impact.

Shower tray

Most shower enclosures come with a shower tray that is already the perfect fit for its size. The purpose of a shower tray is to reduce possible water leakage when inside the enclosure. Shower trays are optional, however, and depend on your preference.


You need to tile bathroom floors and walls to make them water-resistant. Before buying a shower enclosure, you need to consider how much space needs to be tiled before the enclosure is installed. In some instances, you may only need to tile the floor area.

Left or right opening

One tip that helps you determine the proper placement for a shower cabin is to make a sketch of your bathroom and all the existing fixtures inside. Take note of where the windows, doors, vanity, toilet, and other obstructions are located. This can help you determine how much space is available and whether the shower enclosure should open to the left or to the right.

Once you have worked out these details, it will become a lot easier for you to narrow down your choices and choose the specifications that fit your needs. Look for the best quality you can afford on your budget. If you can, contact the seller and schedule an inspection. There are a number of suppliers that carry some of the best manufacturers of shower enclosures and supplies. If possible, look for a one-stop-shop where you can get everything you need in one place.

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