Restoration of fire damage

After fire damage either small or large, cause lots of stress and chaos. It disturbs the lives of residents and business both to an extent. Apart from ashes, powdery smoke particles and soot spread in the affected area can cause permanent damage to the porous material such as wooden floorings, walls, ceilings, upholstery and furniture in a short time. You may need to repair and restore your fire affected area in a professional and appropriate manner.

You cannot restore fire damaged area on your own, because it includes many different things like replacing and polishing the wood, refurnishing the furniture and repainting walls and ceilings. It is better to get help of local restoration company in your area to get proper cleaning and repair done on urgent basis.

When you get services of these companies, they provide vast range of facilities for standard property fires restoration. These services may vary from company to company, but they usually follow the same pattern. They will help you by repairing and restoring everything in your home back to normal.

They start fire damage repair by evaluating the structural damage of affected area. Once the assessment and survey of reusable objects is completed, the cleaning process starts.

While looking for a suitable restoration company in your local area, some things you need to consider are certification, experience, reputation and efficiency.


Check that Restoration Company owns both state and local certificates and they are up to date. Make sure that they have local license and take details of their sub-certification.


It is important to deal every disaster with utmost care and wrong evaluation can prolong the cleaning and restoration process. It may increase the damage and cost of repair.


Look for company reputation from different clients they have worked before. Ask your insurance agents, your lease holder or acquaintances for recommendations for restoration companies.


Quick response within first few hours after disaster and starting the process of restoration while giving priority to more compelling issues are the signs of efficiency and good organization.

Some restoration companies offer storage area for storing undamaged things. Make sure that storage facility is in your area, secure and in good condition. Ask if they will offer packing services and what are the charges.

You can ask for detailed schedule of all steps and processes of restoration and estimation of expenses and completion date in advance.

The restoration companies enter the fire affected area after ensuring that it is safe and after making survey of damages, make assessment of restorations.

Next step is to work on minimizing the damage by removing soot and smoke stains which may discolor sensitive materials permanently. Soot and smoke particles can contaminate air.

Mold, mildew, rust and corrosion can form quickly after fire extinguish, if not treated properly and immediately.

It is important to focus on making air quality better by using air scrubber and air mover. Debris should be removed to make area and atmosphere clean and make restoration process quicker.

All damaged things which cannot be salvaged should be removed from area. And objects which can be saved also be removed from area.

Evacuate water and dry wet surfaces by using professional dehumidifiers.

The process of deep cleaning and deodorizing is done by proper techniques and tools.