Make Your Roof Last Longer With These 5 Tips

You may not spend a ton of time thinking about your home roof, but it puts in overtime protecting you and your home from exposure to cold and moisture 24/7. Because of this, it only makes sense that you should take the best possible care of your roof to ensure that it stays strong and sturdy through the years. That said, each roof has its own lifespan ranging anywhere from 100 years to 25 years. Having a roof that’s a bit less durable, however, doesn’t mean that you have to shell out for a replacement every 20 years or so. With a bit of organization, you can extend the lifespan of your roof by practicing a few helpful roofing tips. If you haven’t called your local decatur roof repair service yet, here are some pointers to get you going.

1. Do Maintenance

When it comes to home improvement projects, sometimes the most important areas of our homes get the shoddiest treatment. Case in point: Our home roofs, which can suffer neglect after a grueling winter season. Because we’re not always in the habit of checking the roof for damage, we can end up ignoring the signs and symptoms of a more serious problem. However, taking the time each spring and summer to clean, polish, and replace any injured roof parts can make all the difference in terms of boosting longevity and keeping your home standing strong.

2. Check for Post-Storm Damage

Whether you’ve just experienced a wind storm, a hail storm, or a ton of rain, don’t assume that your roof has survived the bad weather unscathed. After a stormy season or a particularly rough night of rain or snow, do a quick check in the morning to make sure your roof isn’t short any shingles or covered over with ice dams.

3. Don’t Ignore Water Damage

Signs of water damage can be tricky to spot at first. However, the moment you see any staining, discoloration, or even odor in your home’s walls and ceiling, it’s time to act. Don’t assume that a small leak is a small problem. Any leak in your home’s walls can end up seriously damaging your roof, possibly to the point of your needing a replacement. If you want to spare yourself the cost and stress of a roof replacement, take care of water damage the moment it happens.

4. Replace All Missing Shingles

A curled, broken, or even loose shingle might not seem like a big deal, but it can create a giant point of vulnerability for your roof. Anytime your roof is missing a shingle or even a part of a shingle, no matter how small, it can end up providing an easy entryway for rainwater and melting ice to filter in and create a big problem for years to come.

5. Check Your Chimney

Your chimney and the area around it might look tough and secure, however, the flashing that keeps your chimney safe from contact with moisture can often end up coming loose after a big storm. Every so often, check your flashing to make sure it doesn’t need tightening or replacing.