7 Types of Decorative Screens for Your Garden

Your garden might feel like it’s lacking something, even if you’ve already landscaped it and fitted it with outdoor ornaments that you handpicked yourself. At the same time, you might not be happy about how easily your next-door neighbors can glance into your backyard. A decorative screen could be the solution to your problems.

From the name itself, these decorative privacy screens mainly serve to complete the look of your backyard, whether that means becoming a centerpiece or tying foliage and outdoor furniture together. They often have the added bonus of shielding you from prying eyes whenever you’re in your garden, too. And just as no two gardens are alike, decorative screens can be custom-tailored to match their owners’ desired aesthetic. To start you off, here are 7 types of decorative screens for your garden, from timber to translucent glass.

Complete Your Garden with These 7 Decorative Screens

1.    Hedges

Give your garden a regal feel with a lush and majestic hedge. These walls of greenery can either provide privacy or let in a bit of light, depending on the species used for the hedge. For example, fern pines allow some wind or light to pass through, while junipers can even block out sound because of their dense growth. The lilly pilly is another ideal plant, which doesn’t just grow fast but bears pink berries that will add a splash of color to your garden.

An alternative to hedges is a row of pleached trees. To turn this into a privacy screen, intertwine the branches of young trees so that they grow together and create a wall. The effect resembles a hedge on stilts.

2.    Lattice Screens

A decorative lattice screen can be of either timber or plastic. Its playful criss-cross pattern allows wind to pass through and dries easily after a washdown or a rainy day. For more privacy and texture, you can grow vines on your lattice or hang little pots on it to create a vertical garden. The added foliage on your privacy screen can help soften any sharp edges in your garden.

3.    Bamboo Screens

Looking for an affordable decorative screen which also looks natural and lasts for years on end? Put up a bamboo screen in your garden. Not only are bamboo screens cost-friendly and eco-friendly, but they’re resistant to pests. There are also countless designs and colors available on the market today, from bamboo rods to slats! You can count on this material to lend a tropical feel to your garden or match a contemporary design with stone and metal elements.

4.    Timber Screens

Your garden will feel warm and cozy with a decorative screen made of timber, whether it’s kempas or merbau. These screens are also wonderfully low-maintenance and only need to be refinished every few months. On top of that, some timber screens age well and acquire a unique charm once they’ve become slightly grey. Try going for a slatted timber screen, which is crisp and minimalistic. Kempas timber screens in particular are surprisingly versatile.

5.    Laser-Cut Metal Screens

Together with bamboo and timber, laser-cut metal screens are a rising favorite among homeowners. They often feature artistic designs that can be further custom-tailored for your garden. Add lights nearby, and these decorative screens can cast intricate shadows on the floor for a fascinating nighttime display. Install a laser-cut metal screen in front of a window, and it will also provide protection from flying discs and volleyballs.

6.    Freestanding Walls or Screen Panels

Here’s a modern twist on the usual fence! With freestanding walls or screen panels, your garden can still feel open without exposing you to the neighbors. You can even put up walls or panels of different heights to selectively conceal unsightly features or block views from a certain angle.

7.    Layered Materials

Why not mix and match two or three of the above decorative screens? Back a wooden fence with some hedges, or cover the space below pleached trees with slatted timber screens. The combination of textures can block out even more noise, bring serenity into your garden, and add variety to your landscape to boot.

Can you already imagine which screen will best fit your property? Take your pick from among these 7 decorative screens, and you can have a stunning garden that doubles as a relaxing private space.

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