4 major strapping systems used in packaging industry

Different kinds of products have to be packed in any industry and therefore various systems – suiting different packaging needs – have to be used. Strapping is highly important while packaging products. (Strapping is used to combine two parts, hold two parts together therefore stabilizing the system. For example a bottle’s cap is strapped to the main part of the bottle for stabilising it and to avoid spilling.) If the products are not strapped properly then the contents inside will get damaged by exposure to air or because of fall outs. Strapping systems use state of the art technologies for ensuring proper packaging of various products.

Many kinds of strapping methods are used in the packaging industry. Out of them the four major strapping systems provided by Packaging Straps suppliers in India are:

  1. Steel strapping
  2. Polyethylene terephthalate strapping or PET strapping
  3. Plastic strapping
  4. Polypropylene strapping

Steel strapping

This is the system that has been used in the industry for the longest time. Heavy duty strapping needs are satisfied via these strapping systems. Industrial equipments demand the usage of this system. Not only heavy industrial equipments but shipping steel coils, heavy construction materials etc demand the usage of these steel strapping systems. They are the oldest but most efficient strapping system suiting not only heavy duty strapping needs but also very heavy ones.

Advantages of steel strapping

Steel straps are suitable where packaging involves items of

  • Hot Temperature
  • Large Loads

Steel straps have

  • High Break Strength
  • Sharp Edges
  • Low Elongation Capabilities
  • Extreme Durability

They are UV Resistant too.

Polyethylene terephthalate strapping or PET strapping

Polyethylene terephthalate strapping is also called as PET strapping.

Advantages of PET strapping systems

PET strapping systems have two major qualities that serve its advantages. The two qualities are:

  1. Very high elongation capability
  2. Consistent tensile strength

Very high elongation capability

The high elongation capability helps the PET straps to cover more area with lesser PET strap material. This quality also helps it to do the strapping process without any breakage of the strapping material. They handle or resist impacts and shocks much better than the steel straps. This makes it cost-effective and helps you in saving money avoiding strap damages and thereby packaging damages.

Consistent tensile strength

The high and consistent tensile strength helps it to bend and in getting shaped suiting the packaging needs.

PET strapping is used mostly in packaging high duty loads and medium loads. It suits packaging materials that are prone to contraction or expansion while shipping. Therefore many Pet Packaging Straps manufacturer in Gujarat make PET straps in large scales.

Plastic strapping

Plastic strapping offers you with many strapping options that vary in finish, style and strengths. So if you are in an industry where you have to pack various kinds of products – demanding suitability to an array of needs – then use plastic strapping options.

Advantages of plastic strapping

The variety of usage options are the main advantage of plastic strapping. Few applications are:

  1. Stretch wrapped pallets can be reinforced properly with the help of plastic strapping.
  2. Fresh produces can be packed and shipped with minimal hindrance to its freshness with the help of plastic strapping.
  3. Lumber can also be packed appropriately with the assistance of specific plastic strapping materials.
  4. Paper piles or paper packaging uses plastic strapping to a great extent.

Polypropylene strapping

It is the most economical strapping method used in the packaging industry. They suit medium duty and also light duty materials. They are not much resistant to pressure and change its original length permanently – because of its inability to recover dead stretches.

Advantages of polypropylene straps

  1. Highest level of elongation – They elongate highly suiting the package needs.
  2. Economical – The main advantage of polypropylene straps for which they are used much is that they are highly economical compared to any other strapping systems used in the packaging industry.

Your packaging needs vary much and the right selection of packaging straps demands proper knowledge due to the same reason. This article gives you an insight into the various applications of each strapping system and guides you to the most efficient strapping system suiting your specific packaging needs. Understand your packaging demands well before choosing a particular packaging strap material. You should be flexible and adaptive in the selection process and listen to the experts before settling with your favourite strapping system. At times you might be forced to select more than one strapping system – rather than sticking to one particular system – in order to ensure fine packaging of your products.