Find Easiest Way to Clean Split Air Conditioners

What Are Split Air Conditioners? A split air conditioner is a portable type of air conditioning system, one of which that comes with two units- one installed indoors and the other outdoors. The two units mentioned above each play a role to enhance the working of the air conditioner. The unit installed indoors is composed of an air filter, a cooling coil and a blower fan whereas the unit outdoors is composed of an expanding coil, a condensing coil, and a compressor. With these mentioned, proper maintenance of these units is highly required. Reasons to Clean Split Air Conditioners Since a split air conditioner is made up of two separate units, they all need to be checked on a regular basis. Some items that could result in a low performance of a split air conditioner and this could cause further unwanted problems including

The circulation of air with low quality due to dust and build-up of harmful bacteria. Low efficiency of the unit which means high energy usage and increased cash spent on payments of electricity bills. Decreased Lifespan of the conditioning unit and the need to replace it often. Tools Needed to Clean A Split Air Conditioner A screwdriver A duster A clean cloth Coil Treatment solution Fan treatment solution Pressure cleaner Anti-microbe Treatment solution Water How to Clean A Split Air Conditioner There are very easy steps to save you time when Air Con Split System Cleaning. They are listed below. Step 1: Turn off the conditioner and disconnect from the power source. Step 2: Use a screwdriver to loosen the front cover of the conditioner to expose the coil. Step 3: Use a clean duster to gently remove dirt from the coil Step 4: A generous amount of coil treatment solution is sprayed to further remove dirt and microbial build-up. Step 5: Expose the blower area and use the fan treatment solution on it so that it is left thoroughly clean. Step 6: Use the pressure cleaner on the evaporator coil and the fan area. Step 7: Prevent future microbe growth by using the anti-microbe treatment solution to spray the filter. Step 8: Using a clean cloth and water, gently wipe the cover of the conditioner. Step 9: Couple back any removed pieces and test to ensure that they work efficiently. Portable Conditioning Cleaning is a very easy task to perform in a moderate amount of time. The materials required can be purchased from different stores as well as online. You could also make use of conditioning cleaning services to ensure that the steps are adequately followed to produce better results.

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