How to choose your office chair?

Choosing an office chair to work at home is essential to avoid back pain or all kinds of pain. Discover our tips to find the right seat and ergonomic.

An adjustable seat and a curved back

An office pedicure chair needs to be adjustable because everyone is different. Between the height of the average woman and the average man there is already 10 cm. It is therefore necessary that the seat is adjusted in height to fit the smallest and largest, from 156 cm to 189 cm according to the ergonomists. But it is useful that the depth is also adjustable: the seat should go up to 3/4 thigh minimum. To know that there are also chairs that adjust according to the weight of the user.

The important thing in a seat is also, and above all, the part at the lumbar level. When standing, this part is concave back and convex forward. It’s the opposite when you’re sitting. So we need support to make this part more comfortable. Regarding the height of the backrest, it is advisable to have a headrest to be able to rest it from time to time. The height does not really matter to work because you never work with your head pressed against its back. With the headrest, the seat is versatile and simply allows moments of rest and changes of posture.

A fabric seat

Our body adapts to all forms and materials but in terms of coating, it is better to buy a fabric seat because leather or skai, as soon as it is hot it is no longer comfortable, because of the sweat. We can also opt for high-end materials in sophisticated plastics that prevent sweating and do not bother. Before you buy pedicure chairs for sale, you have to look at the material details, the technical characteristics and the materials.

A seat with wheels and armrests

Better to take a seat with wheels because they allow to make movements and have more freedom. However, the casters must be adapted to your floor; it’s not the same depending on whether it’s carpet or flooring. The armrests, they are really useful only when working precisely on the computer because they allow stability of the body. But it is good to be able to support the elbows in a general way. Better they are adjustable in height because if they are too high, they can create pain in the shoulders. Avoid too rounded armrests on which the arms tend to slide.

It’s not just a question of siege

Sometimes the pains that one feels after long sitting hours do not come only from the seat. The problem is not the posture or the seat but the static work, that is to say in motionless position. A position becomes uncomfortable after half an hour. Therefore, you must take regular breaks, respect the rest period or walk. Even better, you need to adjust the seat from time to time in a slightly different way.
According to a study by the FFC, young people lost 25% of their physical abilities in 40 years as a result of more sedentary leisure and therefore, static position.

Also consider adjusting the height of the desk, the footrest, the position of the screen (which should be downward relative to the gaze as when reading a newspaper) and that of the mouse..