The Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring was invented by the company Perstorp in 1977. Though laminate flooring was birthed in Sweden it has found its way into homes across the world. This is made possible thanks to companies that provide laminate installation services cincinnati oh.

One of the top reasons that people choose laminate flooring for their home is because of the price. Laminate flooring costs about half the cost of hardwood flooring. This means that people can get double the amount of flooring when compared to hardwood floors. Also, laminate flooring is cheaper than carpet. In addition to laminate floors being less expensive than hardwood flooring and carpet, it also saves homeowner’s money because it does not need to be replaced for years.

Secondly, laminate flooring is a popular choice among home owners because of its durability. Laminate flooring is strong and is able to withstand the wear and tear of high traffic. Homeowners will be over joyed to learn that laminate flooring is also scratch resistance. The scratch-resistant quality of laminate flooring is due to strong external layer and resin coating.

Next, laminate flooring is a great choice for homeowners because of its ability to be installed on nearly any type of subflooring. Hardwood floors are limited due to the subflooring type that is required. Laminate flooring is able to go over concrete, wood, and even vinyl floors. Not only is laminate flooring an option because of where it can be installed but how it is installed. Laminate flooring is simple to install when compared to hardwood or carpets. The simplicity of the installation process makes it easy for DIY individuals to install the flooring in their own home. If you can put together puzzles, then chances are you can install laminate flooring. The board’s interlock which allows them to be simple to install.

Another reason why laminate flooring is the flooring of choice among home owners is because it is easy to maintain. Laminate flooring has a surface that is stain and moisture resistant. This means that no special processes or chemicals will be needed to clean the laminate flooring. If you spill liquid on your laminate flooring, don’t fret. Paper towels can easily get up the spills, so you don’t have to worry about the liquid seeping into the flooring or damaging it. The ease of cleaning also allows laminate flooring to be hypoallergenic. Dust and moisture can be cleaned up with ease before they become trapped in the flooring.

Finally, the wide variety of laminate flooring choices allows laminate flooring to be popular flooring choice. Home owners are able to choose the thickness and plank styles of their flooring. There are a couple of plank styles available. The wide plank flooring is recommended for bigger rooms. The narrower plank styles are a choice for any size room. In addition to different plank styles you also have a choice in the finishes. You are able to choose tile, wood and even style finishes. This is great news for homeowners because laminate flooring is able to coordinate with any room style or theme.