Masonry and Foundation Services in Ottawa

If you are experiencing structural, water infiltration or foundation problems in your home or business premises, you should seek help from experts. Fortunately, there are companies and contractors that are dedicated to providing excellent masonry, foundation repair and waterproofing services. These companies have professional masons who will get to your site on time, provide professional services and clean up the site before leaving.

Masonry and Foundation Services in Ottawa
If you are in Ottawa, you will find masonry and foundation contractors that can offer you topnotch masonry and foundation repair services based on your needs. Their skills, knowledge, high performance equipment, and experience in the construction industry enable them to offer you the best services. Whether you need expert foundation repair or want to install weeping tiles in Ottawa, these contractors can help. They normally offer:

1. Foundation Repair in Ottawa
The foundation is a very important part of any building, so it should be properly maintained to avert a range of problems. For instance, cracks on the foundation might compromise the structural integrity of your building, while water buildup in the basement might just present the right conditions for mould growth. However, these contractors are well-equipped to handle crack repairs, foundation waterproofing, as well as foundation replacements.

2. Weeping Tiles in Ottawa
Weeping tiles, which are also referred to as drainage tiles, are special types of tiles that help to push any water that may have collected around the foundation’s footing to a different source, like a sump pump or storm connection. This helps in improving drainage around your property and preventing damage to your foundation. Whether you need expert installation, inspection, repair or replacement of weeping tiles in Ottawa, these contractors can get the task done.

3. Vacuum Excavation
This is an excavation or digging technique that involves the use of hydrovac equipment, which breaks apart materials using high pressure water and air. The technique uses water to effectively loosen soil and dig up holes. The water reduces the soil’s holding strength for easier suctioning. It is a safer and more effective technique of digging up areas with numerous underground facilities, pipes and utilities, as it will not damage them.

4. Masonry Repairs and Restoration
Stones and bricks are strong materials which can last for a long time without requiring any restoration. On the other hand, bad weather might degrade their surfaces and strength. However, proper repair can help to restore the masonry work. Fortunately, the skilled contractors at these companies are well-equipped to take on different kinds of custom masonry repair and complete masonry restoration projects. Whether your building is made of stones, bricks or concrete blocks, these experts are up to the task. They can offer:

a) Mortar Joint Repointing
b) Refacing
c) Veneer Masonry
d) Dry Set or Solid Masonry

The masonry and foundation repair contractors can also handle crack injection, humidex installations and grout pumping, among other procedures. Upon contacting them, the skilled contractors will quickly get to your site, assess the condition and start working on the issue. After completing the project, they will clean up and restore the site to its initial if not better condition. If you need professional foundation repair in Ottawa, these experts can offer you quality and reliable services.