5 Spring Projects to Get Done Before Summer Approaches

When it comes to the spring, there are a lot of projects to get done. Now is the time of year when you can accomplish a lot when it comes to your home and garden. You can cross a lot off of your to-do list; things that you could not have accomplished when it was snowing out and cold.


Now that the holidays are over and warmer months are starting to develop, it’s the perfect time to get some springtime chores done. Here are five projects that you can do in the spring while the weather is fair and get them done before the hotter months approach. That way you can enjoy the labours of your hard work and take the summer to do basic things, like mowing the yard. Read on and find out more!

5 Spring Projects to Get Done Before Summer Approaches


  1. Preparing Your Pool

If you have a pool, then in the spring season it is a good idea to prepare it for the summer season. As June approaches, you may want to use it and so it’s going to be prime time to pull off the cover and get it cleaned. You will also have to take care of filling it with water or removing the water and filling it up and making sure the chemical balance is just right so that everyone can hop in and get a good swim when the time is right.

  1. Fixing Your Screen Doors

Take advantage of Whitby screen door repairs or door repairs in your area! Screens for the summertime are going to be a must if you’re going to enjoy the weather the way that you want to. Simply look at the screen doors and evaluate what the problem is. You can go online to research it or you can simply contact Whitby screen door repairs and see what your options are.

  1. Planting Some Tulips

Plant some tulips early in spring and you will see the benefits of your labour before the time is out! You can pick up some bulbs to plant at your local home store or home and garden supply centre. It’s the perfect time of year to really get your garden on.


  1. Fixing Windows

Fixing windows or getting windows installed is important because the summertime is a time when warmer months prevail and you’ve got to have the proper windows to enjoy those warmer months! If you need your windows fixed or replaced you’ve got to call the professionals to help you out. Contact a window installer or replacer near you. A Whitby window installer will put them in and may be able to help you fix them, too.


  1. Make Sure That Your Mower is Working

A lawnmower is key if you want to mow your grass as a homeowner. Make sure that your machine is working just like you need it to in the early spring season. That way, if there is anything wrong with it you can determine that and get it fixed before the warmer months really come into full swing. In any case, just get it fixed and keep an extra can of fuel in the shed as a backup.