Free Offer Your Home Rapid In Beaumont, TX, Showing Servies

A top-15 college score on our listing, a mean residence rate of simply $193,833, and also a good ordinary variety of days on the marketplace (56) assisted buoy Laredo right into the leading 3. Though listings in McAllen just last a standard of 1 month on the marketplace, outstanding colleges (its college score rankings in the top-10 of all cities we determined) and also a reported commute time under 20 mins makes this a very livable city in Texas. Colleges in Goal are above-average for Texas, and while the city’s populace is expanding, it isn’t seeing fairly as much development as close-by McAllen (2.6% populace boost over 5 years, contrasted to 3.3% for McAllen). Life is easier in University Terminal: Colleges are great, and the ordinary commute time is amazingly reduced by 16 mins.

University Terminal’s typical house rate is $262,100, and the ordinary DOM for the city is 99 – the greatest of any type of city we assessed. The city additionally provides a much shorter commute (contrasted to the various other Houston residential areas on this listing) to essential areas like the Medical Facility and midtown. Relocating more inland, number 7 on our listing is New Braunfels, a rural city near San Antonio that flaunts a unique German heritage. Clear Lake is a city that’s rather dependent on automobiles, as a lot of homeowners would require to possess a car and truck to be able to complete most tasks sell your house fast in Freeport. The only disadvantage to Pearland could be the website traffic: The self-reported commute time of Pearland locals covered 32 mins, providing the lengthiest commute of any one of the 50 cities we evaluated.

Usually, all those with a house live that is also disorderly to make time and power to do all the things that typically must be taken on to establish a residence to market in the market. In some cases, those that possess residential property merely live that are as well active to put in the time to make every one of points that normally require to be done to prepare a residence to market on the marketplace … That claimed, New Braunfels has a fantastic institution ranking, and with a typical DOM of 61 days, citizens ought to have numerous real estate choices to select from. With a mean house cost of $225,917 and a cost per square foot of $115, McAllen is a risk-free and thriving boundary city with great deals on real estate bargains.

Want to know the importance of garden office

At present, most of the companies might be getting board with the flexible working hours and they are encouraging their employees to work from home. If you are running your own business or work for the corporation then you might allow to work from home and try to have your own garden. If you make garden office then you can get tons of advantages such as,

  • More time for you and your family
  • No more vanishing papers and cute surprises
  • Save yourself lots of money
  • Enhance your productivity and calm your mind
  • Business meetings might have better results

Amazing benefits of garden office

When compared to using kitchen table or squeezing the desk into the spare bedroom, garden office is providing the professional environment that you might conduct meetings. According to the studies says that having separate space to your work might provide excellent ability.

Suppose your office is at your home then having garden office is the finest choice for you. When you work in the home garden office then you might reduce the carbon footprint because you are travelling less. In case you are looking for the authorized place to make wonderful garden office then you are advised to get help from design build space because they are providing premium quality and modular garden rooms to their clients that are especially made from the ethical materials.

This kind of the material is manufactured at their factory with the highest standards and it might allow for the quick installation that might cause minimum disruption to the garden and house. If you are choosing the insulated garden office then you might not use much electricity which is useful to minimize carbon footprint. Working by yourself means you might escape from the office politics and you might be free to concentrate on your work.

If you choose design build space then you can get vast numbers of the advantages such as ethically sourced, thermal efficiency, fresh purified air and steel framework. They are using the galvanized steel framework which is useful to construct all of your rooms in the place of timber. At the same time, they are offering garden office that might last for long time. The main advantages of choosing this service provider is that they are offering full turkey service to garden room project.

Things to know about garden office

If you choose design build space then they can install the garden office in a couple of days with the interior finish complete that might ready to use. They are having widest selection of the garden buildings in wide ranges of styles and sizes that could be suitable option for your garden designs and home. If you work as the freelancer from office garden then you can get the flexible hour so you might work around other commitments like childcare. The main advantages of choosing this garden office are that it is really beneficial to minimize carbon footprint that helps to protect your environment.

Restoration of fire damage

After fire damage either small or large, cause lots of stress and chaos. It disturbs the lives of residents and business both to an extent. Apart from ashes, powdery smoke particles and soot spread in the affected area can cause permanent damage to the porous material such as wooden floorings, walls, ceilings, upholstery and furniture in a short time. You may need to repair and restore your fire affected area in a professional and appropriate manner.

You cannot restore fire damaged area on your own, because it includes many different things like replacing and polishing the wood, refurnishing the furniture and repainting walls and ceilings. It is better to get help of local restoration company in your area to get proper cleaning and repair done on urgent basis.

When you get services of these companies, they provide vast range of facilities for standard property fires restoration. These services may vary from company to company, but they usually follow the same pattern. They will help you by repairing and restoring everything in your home back to normal.

They start fire damage repair by evaluating the structural damage of affected area. Once the assessment and survey of reusable objects is completed, the cleaning process starts.

While looking for a suitable restoration company in your local area, some things you need to consider are certification, experience, reputation and efficiency.


Check that Restoration Company owns both state and local certificates and they are up to date. Make sure that they have local license and take details of their sub-certification.


It is important to deal every disaster with utmost care and wrong evaluation can prolong the cleaning and restoration process. It may increase the damage and cost of repair.


Look for company reputation from different clients they have worked before. Ask your insurance agents, your lease holder or acquaintances for recommendations for restoration companies.


Quick response within first few hours after disaster and starting the process of restoration while giving priority to more compelling issues are the signs of efficiency and good organization.

Some restoration companies offer storage area for storing undamaged things. Make sure that storage facility is in your area, secure and in good condition. Ask if they will offer packing services and what are the charges.

You can ask for detailed schedule of all steps and processes of restoration and estimation of expenses and completion date in advance.

The restoration companies enter the fire affected area after ensuring that it is safe and after making survey of damages, make assessment of restorations.

Next step is to work on minimizing the damage by removing soot and smoke stains which may discolor sensitive materials permanently. Soot and smoke particles can contaminate air.

Mold, mildew, rust and corrosion can form quickly after fire extinguish, if not treated properly and immediately.

It is important to focus on making air quality better by using air scrubber and air mover. Debris should be removed to make area and atmosphere clean and make restoration process quicker.

All damaged things which cannot be salvaged should be removed from area. And objects which can be saved also be removed from area.

Evacuate water and dry wet surfaces by using professional dehumidifiers.

The process of deep cleaning and deodorizing is done by proper techniques and tools.

This Is How You Can Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

A good-looking lawn is a source of pride for many homeowners. Simply staring at your lawn in serenity from the comfort of your own home can provide many health benefits. A good-looking lawn can also improve the curb appeal of your home. It will boost the value of your property as well as the values of other neighboring properties.

A healthy lawn is also great for the environment. It will clean the air by trapping dust, carbon dioxide, and releasing oxygen. The extra oxygen is good for all living creatures, while the reduced carbon dioxide is good for the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the lack of dust is good for your air quality, house, windows, and vehicles.

Another benefit of a healthy lawn is that it will trap stormwater. When it rains, stormwater can clog storm drains by blocking it with the pollutants it has carried. These pollutants can travel to ponds, lakes, and creeks. A good lawn will slow down the flow of water, giving it time to be absorbed into the ground before hitting the storm drain.

A lawn also improves soil structure by leaving it loose and open for water. Lawns also reduce noise pollution in your neighborhood by absorbing sounds from cars, animals, and kids. A lawn can also improve the energy efficiency of your home because lawns keep surrounding areas cooler.

Clearly, there are many benefits to taking care of your lawn. You can keep your lawn healthy by watering it property. Hit the right depth to maintain your lawn’s health. Overdoing it may stunt the growth of the roots.

Take time between watering sessions. Wait until the lawn is partially dried out and the grass is a duller shade of green. Also, be mindful of when you water your lawn in the day. The best time to do it is in the morning when the air is cool, and the sun isn’t bright.

Watering a lawn can be tedious. That’s why many homeowners use a lawn sprinkler system to water their grass to perfection. Consult with your sprinkler system maintenance experts to find a system that fits your needs and budget. An expert will install the system based on the size of your property, water pressure, the quality of the grass and soil, and the position of the sun.

Aside from watering, mow your grass correctly to keep your lawn looking great. Avoid mowing infrequently, too often, too little, or in the same patterns. Such practices can attract insects and result in the formation of ugly divots.

Remember to remove weeds regularly. They can hungrily absorb the water and nutrients your grass needs. You can either use chemicals or pull them out completely with the roots yourself. You can also improve the health of your lawn by applying fertilizer.

The right fertilizer will make your grass greener, stronger, and more durable. Remember to use fertilizer sparingly, or it could damage your lawn.

These are a few ways you can improve the health of your lawn and have it looking healthy and green. Doing so will be beneficial for you, your neighbors, and the environment.  As a homeowner, it may also make you a little richer.

7 Types of Decorative Screens for Your Garden

Your garden might feel like it’s lacking something, even if you’ve already landscaped it and fitted it with outdoor ornaments that you handpicked yourself. At the same time, you might not be happy about how easily your next-door neighbors can glance into your backyard. A decorative screen could be the solution to your problems.

From the name itself, these decorative privacy screens mainly serve to complete the look of your backyard, whether that means becoming a centerpiece or tying foliage and outdoor furniture together. They often have the added bonus of shielding you from prying eyes whenever you’re in your garden, too. And just as no two gardens are alike, decorative screens can be custom-tailored to match their owners’ desired aesthetic. To start you off, here are 7 types of decorative screens for your garden, from timber to translucent glass.

Complete Your Garden with These 7 Decorative Screens

1.    Hedges

Give your garden a regal feel with a lush and majestic hedge. These walls of greenery can either provide privacy or let in a bit of light, depending on the species used for the hedge. For example, fern pines allow some wind or light to pass through, while junipers can even block out sound because of their dense growth. The lilly pilly is another ideal plant, which doesn’t just grow fast but bears pink berries that will add a splash of color to your garden.

An alternative to hedges is a row of pleached trees. To turn this into a privacy screen, intertwine the branches of young trees so that they grow together and create a wall. The effect resembles a hedge on stilts.

2.    Lattice Screens

A decorative lattice screen can be of either timber or plastic. Its playful criss-cross pattern allows wind to pass through and dries easily after a washdown or a rainy day. For more privacy and texture, you can grow vines on your lattice or hang little pots on it to create a vertical garden. The added foliage on your privacy screen can help soften any sharp edges in your garden.

3.    Bamboo Screens

Looking for an affordable decorative screen which also looks natural and lasts for years on end? Put up a bamboo screen in your garden. Not only are bamboo screens cost-friendly and eco-friendly, but they’re resistant to pests. There are also countless designs and colors available on the market today, from bamboo rods to slats! You can count on this material to lend a tropical feel to your garden or match a contemporary design with stone and metal elements.

4.    Timber Screens

Your garden will feel warm and cozy with a decorative screen made of timber, whether it’s kempas or merbau. These screens are also wonderfully low-maintenance and only need to be refinished every few months. On top of that, some timber screens age well and acquire a unique charm once they’ve become slightly grey. Try going for a slatted timber screen, which is crisp and minimalistic. Kempas timber screens in particular are surprisingly versatile.

5.    Laser-Cut Metal Screens

Together with bamboo and timber, laser-cut metal screens are a rising favorite among homeowners. They often feature artistic designs that can be further custom-tailored for your garden. Add lights nearby, and these decorative screens can cast intricate shadows on the floor for a fascinating nighttime display. Install a laser-cut metal screen in front of a window, and it will also provide protection from flying discs and volleyballs.

6.    Freestanding Walls or Screen Panels

Here’s a modern twist on the usual fence! With freestanding walls or screen panels, your garden can still feel open without exposing you to the neighbors. You can even put up walls or panels of different heights to selectively conceal unsightly features or block views from a certain angle.

7.    Layered Materials

Why not mix and match two or three of the above decorative screens? Back a wooden fence with some hedges, or cover the space below pleached trees with slatted timber screens. The combination of textures can block out even more noise, bring serenity into your garden, and add variety to your landscape to boot.

Can you already imagine which screen will best fit your property? Take your pick from among these 7 decorative screens, and you can have a stunning garden that doubles as a relaxing private space.

Author Bio:

George Katsoudas is a Digital Marketing Professional who works as the Managing Director of Low Cost SEO, a digital marketing firm in Sydney and a Digital Media Manager for House of Bamboo, offering Australia the most varied collection of classic and new natural materials.

Company Bio:

House of Bamboo is Australia’s trusted source of eco-friendly and high-quality natural materials that can be integrated into contemporary setting. Our range encompasses high quality bamboo fencing, timber screens, privacy screens, decorative screens, ceiling panels, rattan cane webbing, fence panels, and pool certification.

How to maintain your storage unit like a Pro

There are many persons in our country who rent storage units for a extra long and empty space and the store their frequently unused and unnecessery goods or items.But maintaining a storage unit is hard enough like ,finding the most suitable storage unit for anyone.If it is no well monitored and wll maintained then your goods are unsecured and also there is chance of wasting ythe temper of your lovely items.Most people store their seasonal items in the store as well as electrical items There are some important tricks and life hacks that you should know must.You can find the most cheapiest and most suitable storage units from here, self storage memphis.

Lets come to the point how to maintain your storage unit like a pro,

1.  At first make sure that every electrical items are well packed and sealed as it was sealed when buying from the showrooms.It is must for them to lust longer enough.

2. Put the items down what you do not use frequently and take the frequently used and important items on the top so that you can find them when it is necessary.

3.Next thing is to remembar is the floor of the storage.You have to buy a carpet for your storage if you are storing electrical devices or something electrical.Because the floor damp can harm them directly.And it is bad for your goods.

4.Label everything, If you move and store your belongings while waiting to get into your next home, this will make it much easier to find what you need until you unpack and move storage into your new space.

If you don’t label your boxes, your only other options would be to leave the items you need out in the open, which would take up a lot of wasted space, or to dig through every box to find what you need each time.

5.Try to put things on the floor: If you fill your storage unit without much thought to strategizing where you place things, you’ll likely end up with leaning piles. Or you might simply choose not to pack items very high.

But making the most of the vertical space in your storage unit can give you a lot of extra room to store things.

To do this, start by packing your heaviest items on the bottom of your unit. This will help you create a solid base. Then, continue stacking, saving the lightest, smallest items for the very top.

6.Secure the place,Ask for more security.It is really one of the major thing to discuss with your Storage unit services.TAlk to them directly about the security system and the locks.

7.Use transparent Boxes,Using transparent boxses will help you to reach them fast .And do not give the chance of being wasted of your precisous time.

4 major strapping systems used in packaging industry

Different kinds of products have to be packed in any industry and therefore various systems – suiting different packaging needs – have to be used. Strapping is highly important while packaging products. (Strapping is used to combine two parts, hold two parts together therefore stabilizing the system. For example a bottle’s cap is strapped to the main part of the bottle for stabilising it and to avoid spilling.) If the products are not strapped properly then the contents inside will get damaged by exposure to air or because of fall outs. Strapping systems use state of the art technologies for ensuring proper packaging of various products.

Many kinds of strapping methods are used in the packaging industry. Out of them the four major strapping systems provided by Packaging Straps suppliers in India are:

  1. Steel strapping
  2. Polyethylene terephthalate strapping or PET strapping
  3. Plastic strapping
  4. Polypropylene strapping

Steel strapping

This is the system that has been used in the industry for the longest time. Heavy duty strapping needs are satisfied via these strapping systems. Industrial equipments demand the usage of this system. Not only heavy industrial equipments but shipping steel coils, heavy construction materials etc demand the usage of these steel strapping systems. They are the oldest but most efficient strapping system suiting not only heavy duty strapping needs but also very heavy ones.

Advantages of steel strapping

Steel straps are suitable where packaging involves items of

  • Hot Temperature
  • Large Loads

Steel straps have

  • High Break Strength
  • Sharp Edges
  • Low Elongation Capabilities
  • Extreme Durability

They are UV Resistant too.

Polyethylene terephthalate strapping or PET strapping

Polyethylene terephthalate strapping is also called as PET strapping.

Advantages of PET strapping systems

PET strapping systems have two major qualities that serve its advantages. The two qualities are:

  1. Very high elongation capability
  2. Consistent tensile strength

Very high elongation capability

The high elongation capability helps the PET straps to cover more area with lesser PET strap material. This quality also helps it to do the strapping process without any breakage of the strapping material. They handle or resist impacts and shocks much better than the steel straps. This makes it cost-effective and helps you in saving money avoiding strap damages and thereby packaging damages.

Consistent tensile strength

The high and consistent tensile strength helps it to bend and in getting shaped suiting the packaging needs.

PET strapping is used mostly in packaging high duty loads and medium loads. It suits packaging materials that are prone to contraction or expansion while shipping. Therefore many Pet Packaging Straps manufacturer in Gujarat make PET straps in large scales.

Plastic strapping

Plastic strapping offers you with many strapping options that vary in finish, style and strengths. So if you are in an industry where you have to pack various kinds of products – demanding suitability to an array of needs – then use plastic strapping options.

Advantages of plastic strapping

The variety of usage options are the main advantage of plastic strapping. Few applications are:

  1. Stretch wrapped pallets can be reinforced properly with the help of plastic strapping.
  2. Fresh produces can be packed and shipped with minimal hindrance to its freshness with the help of plastic strapping.
  3. Lumber can also be packed appropriately with the assistance of specific plastic strapping materials.
  4. Paper piles or paper packaging uses plastic strapping to a great extent.

Polypropylene strapping

It is the most economical strapping method used in the packaging industry. They suit medium duty and also light duty materials. They are not much resistant to pressure and change its original length permanently – because of its inability to recover dead stretches.

Advantages of polypropylene straps

  1. Highest level of elongation – They elongate highly suiting the package needs.
  2. Economical – The main advantage of polypropylene straps for which they are used much is that they are highly economical compared to any other strapping systems used in the packaging industry.

Your packaging needs vary much and the right selection of packaging straps demands proper knowledge due to the same reason. This article gives you an insight into the various applications of each strapping system and guides you to the most efficient strapping system suiting your specific packaging needs. Understand your packaging demands well before choosing a particular packaging strap material. You should be flexible and adaptive in the selection process and listen to the experts before settling with your favourite strapping system. At times you might be forced to select more than one strapping system – rather than sticking to one particular system – in order to ensure fine packaging of your products.

Inspirational Eco-Homes around the World

Throughout the world, there is a wonderful range of eco-homes that are truly inspirational. While many of these houses do not come cheaply, they are characterised by incredible attention to detail and, in the long run, they make it possible for their owners to enjoy reduced energy costs.

In US, many homeowners are reaping the rewards available through the installation and use of solar panels. Experts such as know that solar panels offer one of the best ways to nurture the environment through the use of renewable energy and reduce construction cost estimation.

 Here are just a few of these amazing wonders:

Plastic Bottle House, Honduras

In Honduras, 8,000 PET plastic water bottles were used to construct the Plastic Bottle House. This house is the first of its type and is filled with mud and covered by a grass roof. The grass roof is understood to improve the air quality, control the internal temperature of the house, increase energy efficiency and provide a strategy for the management of stormwater.

This house also features a solar hot water system and compost toilets which are self-sustaining.

White Steel Villa, Costa Rica

Located twenty kilometres from the closest city, the steel villa at Playa Carate in Costa Rica is completely self-sufficient. This home is entirely reliant on its water, sanitation and energy systems. A nearby forest provides water and a couple of hydroelectric turbines and photovoltaic solar panels equip the home with sufficient electricity.

Casa Mar Azul, Argentina

In the forest in Mar Azul in Argentina, an eco-home capitalises on the presence of pine trees. In this location, the pine trees support the preservation of the natural environment.

At this home, the large windows featured at the front of the property take advantage of the sunlight available and rainwater is collected in a water tank. The insulation of sound is enabled through the use of concrete.

Inside the home, sustainability is further emphasised with the use of recycled Canadian pinewood.

Hof Residence, Iceland

To manage the incredibly low temperatures experienced in Iceland, the use of stone and concrete for the walls of the Hof Residence helps to insulate the home through the storage of heat. Hydroelectric turbines and geothermal energy power the residence. The energy sources also use water to heat the property and ensure that a range of activities can be carried out.

This property features large windows which serve two important purposes. The windows take advantage of the sunlight available and deliver incredible views of the mountains close by. At this property too, heat loss is minimised through grass being planted on the roof.

Marcus Beach House, Australia

Designed by Bark Design Architects, the availability of natural sunlight is prioritised and featured at this home. Here, doors and windows have been strategically placed to not only capitalise on light but also maximise draft.

Of course, Australian summers can be unforgiving and harsh, so sunshades are used to block out much sunlight at the height of summer. Inside the house, gardens are plentiful and exist to improve air quality and enhance biodiversity.

Throughout the world, eco-homes have been built after careful planning to use the natural resources of their locations. In these homes, sustainable living is paramount and energy costs are generally substantially reduced.


Why You Should Hire A Handyman When Prepping Your Home For Sale

Your home might be a sure thing on the market. But are you really going to get as great of a return on your investment as you can if your home still needs a bit of shaping up? Even if you’re prepared to do your own repairs, it doesn’t mean that your home is going to give you a great return on your investment. If you’re ready to sell your home, you might want to think about hiring a handyman from Handyman Matters Richmond before you put your property on the market. Fixing up even a few aspects of your old house could help you seriously boost your ROI and get you a much better deal in the long run. What’s more, you’ll be able to get great advice on what to do with certain trickier aspects of your property, all while saving time that could better be used packing or shopping for your new digs. Before you list your home, here are a few reasons why hiring a handyman is your best bet.

Don’t Do It Yourself

You might have heard that a few crucial home repairs, such as kitchen renovation and a bathroom update, can bring a maximum ROI for homeowners looking to sell. However, while it’s true that certain low-cost updates can be made to a home to make a better sale, it helps if those updates are done by professionals who actually know what they’re doing. While you might be tempted to save money by doing everything yourself, you won’t end up bringing in a better value for your home by doing a few last-minute kitchen repairs or putting some new wallpaper in your bathroom. Making your home buyer-ready doesn’t necessarily mean adding on an entirely new wing to your home. All it means is investing the time and money necessary to make your space that absolute best it can be. Hiring a handyman can help you take on smaller repairs with ease, as well as looking at the big picture. You can get a good time estimate from your handyman and figure out when to list your home to get the best price, as well as shaping up some troublesome elements of your home before you sell.

Get Better Advice

You might think you know what’s best for your property. However, when it comes to selling smart, hiring a handyman is going to clue you into some major market developments that you probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Contractors and handymen know all about the best ways to get an amazing ROI, from doing small-scale renovations to increasing curb appeal by adding in a few key, eye-catching details. Even if you work tirelessly to get your home market-ready, your handyman will still have a better idea of what’s going to work to get your property to fly off the market. Using the right advice, you can tailor your home renovations to reflect exactly what new buyers are looking for. Are you trying to give your home a more modern look? Do you want to invest in some minor repairs that will end up seriously boosting your home’s value? It’s not enough to simply consult with a few contractors. In order to really make the most of your sale, you should have a handyman on the payroll to make sure you get your repairs done quickly so you can make a smooth, easy sale.

Save Time and Money

While the idea of spending money on a contractor for a house you’re about to sell might not sit well with more frugal homeowners, it can help you save time and make more money in the long run. While doing your own repairs might seem to save you money, it will end up eating all your free time before your move, and you might come out with a set of repairs that just aren’t as likely to appeal to buyers as you assumed. With a handyman, however, all you have to do is consult, figure out what kinds of repairs and renovations are going to make your house sell fast, and leave it up to the team of professionals to get it done. You don’t have to worry about taking months out of your life to do your own kitchen renovation or fix all the plumbing issues in your home. You don’t even have to waste time doing your own market research about home sales in your area. With a handyman, there’s no guesswork involved. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and make a much better sale on your home than you originally anticipated.

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Make Your Roof Last Longer With These 5 Tips

You may not spend a ton of time thinking about your home roof, but it puts in overtime protecting you and your home from exposure to cold and moisture 24/7. Because of this, it only makes sense that you should take the best possible care of your roof to ensure that it stays strong and sturdy through the years. That said, each roof has its own lifespan ranging anywhere from 100 years to 25 years. Having a roof that’s a bit less durable, however, doesn’t mean that you have to shell out for a replacement every 20 years or so. With a bit of organization, you can extend the lifespan of your roof by practicing a few helpful roofing tips. If you haven’t called your local decatur roof repair service yet, here are some pointers to get you going.

1. Do Maintenance

When it comes to home improvement projects, sometimes the most important areas of our homes get the shoddiest treatment. Case in point: Our home roofs, which can suffer neglect after a grueling winter season. Because we’re not always in the habit of checking the roof for damage, we can end up ignoring the signs and symptoms of a more serious problem. However, taking the time each spring and summer to clean, polish, and replace any injured roof parts can make all the difference in terms of boosting longevity and keeping your home standing strong.

2. Check for Post-Storm Damage

Whether you’ve just experienced a wind storm, a hail storm, or a ton of rain, don’t assume that your roof has survived the bad weather unscathed. After a stormy season or a particularly rough night of rain or snow, do a quick check in the morning to make sure your roof isn’t short any shingles or covered over with ice dams.

3. Don’t Ignore Water Damage

Signs of water damage can be tricky to spot at first. However, the moment you see any staining, discoloration, or even odor in your home’s walls and ceiling, it’s time to act. Don’t assume that a small leak is a small problem. Any leak in your home’s walls can end up seriously damaging your roof, possibly to the point of your needing a replacement. If you want to spare yourself the cost and stress of a roof replacement, take care of water damage the moment it happens.

4. Replace All Missing Shingles

A curled, broken, or even loose shingle might not seem like a big deal, but it can create a giant point of vulnerability for your roof. Anytime your roof is missing a shingle or even a part of a shingle, no matter how small, it can end up providing an easy entryway for rainwater and melting ice to filter in and create a big problem for years to come.

5. Check Your Chimney

Your chimney and the area around it might look tough and secure, however, the flashing that keeps your chimney safe from contact with moisture can often end up coming loose after a big storm. Every so often, check your flashing to make sure it doesn’t need tightening or replacing.