Cavity Wall Insulation: How You Can Win Compensation For A Mis Sold CWI Install

Cavity wall insulation has been an issue throughout the whole of the United Kingdom since the early 1990s, with a huge amount of people suffering from mis selling (partly as a result of the Governments’ green initiative to save energy and to cut household bills).

The Problem With Cavity Wall Insulation – Mis Sold Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation has been promoted and mis sold by a large number of companies to take advantage of the new initiative, also there were Government grants offered to people who were interested in cavity wall insulation, and initiatives for people who had no interest in cavity wall insulation.

The Other Problem With Cavity Wall Insulation – Bad Quality Building Work

One of the other main problems with cavity wall insulation is the quality of the building work, many people who have had cavity wall insulation have suffered from bad quality building work on the cavity wall insulation, this can cause issues and costs a lot of money to fix (many thousands of pounds).

Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – No Win No Fee

There are many cases of mis sold cavity wall insulation where it is possible to claim compensation on a no win no fee basis, many compensation claims management companies will handle a cavity wall insulation claim on a no win no fee basis

What Is A No Win No Fee Cavity Wall Claim?

When it comes to cavity wall claims, it would not make sense to have people pay upfront for legal services without establishing if they have a viable claim for compensation.

No Win No Fee, means there is no upfront cost for the cavity wall insulation claim, however there will be a fee payable if the claim is a success.

The fees for a successful claim will vary from one company to another, as different companies’ charge different amounts of money, (up to a maximum of 20% plus VAT).

How Long Does A Cavity Wall Claim Take To Pay Compensation?

Cavity wall compensation claims typically take approximately 3 months to pay out compensation for successful claims for valid cases.

Some claims can take longer than this time period, because certain cases are more complex than other cases which makes for a situation where it can take a lot longer for the compensation to pay out to the victim.

How Much Compensation Can I Win For A Cavity Wall Insulation Claim?

Typical compensation values are between £10,000-£23,000 however claims can pay either more or less depending on the complexity and the severity of the case.

Some claims have been in excess of £23,000, so there is no fixed amount per claim, the above scale provided is intended as a guide only for references.

To find out more about how to make a claim for mis sold cavity wall insulation, or if you have had poor quality building work carried out on your property, look for a company called national property claims, who have a 5 star reputation across Britain for high success rates and quality of service.