Why You Should Choose Removable Wallpaper For Your Kid’s Room

When a parent thinks about a renovation of their kid’s room, they often don’t consider the proportion that a work can take, does he? Sometimes, practical and beautiful solutions, such as the application of paper or wall adhesive, can renew the environment as well as a new paint job. In this article I clear some conflicts between wallpaper and peel stick wallpaper.


Investing in wallpaper applications is an amazing alternative for decorating projects. As the coating has gained more strength in our country, the options for colors, prints and textures are immense. So, get to know the advantages of this practical feature:

More personality in the decor

Changing the atmosphere of a room in the house is simpler when you decide to use wallpaper. Whether to create a sober, relaxed, basic or fun atmosphere, prints revolutionize the environment!

Easy cleaning and conservation

The resistance  of the wallpaper  is another point to be highlighted. On a daily basis, it is possible to keep clean with a mop or vacuum cleaner. If you feel the need for a more thorough cleaning, mixing a few drops of mild detergent in a bucket of water and applying it to the wall from top to bottom with a soft cloth is enough. Remember to finish with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.


As its fixation is delicate, it requires that the service be carried out by a specialized professional. After all, it needs special glue, cutouts and experience to create the perfect alignment between the strips in a uniform way, maintaining the chosen pattern of the design.

2-Wall sticker

The advantage of the wall sticker is the infinity of application possibilities, guaranteeing different looks. If the intention is to insert a detail in the wall decoration using a lower quality and more economical material, this element is the indicated one.


The wall sticker can be adjusted in any environment and comes in a variety of models and sizes. This flexibility collaborates with a variety of decor styles, both modern and classic residential projects.

Easy application

As the name implies, its verse is self-adhesive. Even so, the quality products come with a spatula and manual with step-by-step instructions on how to develop the application. Its drying lasts up to 30 minutes.

Although it seems like a simple task, it requires attention not to run the risk of forming air bubbles or fixing the image misaligned, as, when peeling it from the surface, it is possible to tear or lose the glue.

Special care and good quality durability have reasonable durability. But beware: if the material is applied to walls where sunlight is direct, its lifespan may decrease, causing the colors to fade. Cleaning can also be done with detergent and a damp cloth. When the idea is to replace decorative items such as panels, frames and murals, adhesive is an option.

Now that you understand better about the difference between wallpaper and wall sticker, contact us and see the kids peel and stick wallpapers. Just visit  this page!