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Delta Faucet Leland Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

With a two-hole or integrated valve, the Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet provides the ultimate mix of classic elegance and innovative versatility, including Diamond Seal Technology’s leak-free features and proprietary Magnetite docking to hold the wand safely in place.

The elegant and durable Delta Leland Pull-Down Touch2O Kitchen Faucet adds the flexibility of a pull-down spray head to the ease of touch activation.

Not only does the Delta Leland Pull-Down Touch2O Kitchen Faucet cram a lot of features into a single faucet, it looks great when doing it, too. It all comes together to make a good, sturdy faucet, from the sprayer wand to the integrated LED temperature indicator.

The practical design of its pull-down spray-head is what really sets the Delta Leland apart from competitors. It has a nice ergonomic tulip-shape that is easy to get a handle on, and its magnetic locking mechanism attaches it nicely and firmly to the spout.

The spray head itself has a rocker-style switch for switching between settings without having to keep a button down all the way. Normal and sprayer. The Spray Shield mode, which is one of those things that sounds like a gimmicky feature but is really very useful, is operated by a separate press. Basically, to blast off stuck-on food, the Spray Shield directs the water into a small, extra strong stream, while still forming a cone of water across the area to avoid splashes.

The versatility of the connector hose really amazed me. These are usually rigid and rubbery, but the Delta hose did not affect my balance at all, even with a braided nylon lining. The 22 “hose, and the 15.4” height of the faucet, makes it ideal for activities such as filling up a huge pot of water on the stove, rather than trying to position it in the sink.

The key attribute of the Delta Leland Faucet is the Touch2O technology, and it really shines here. By touching somewhere on the spout or handle, this helps you to turn on the water. When cooking with raw fish or chicken, I personally trust touch faucets most. Over the whole process of rinsing out the beef, breading it, tossing it in the tub, and then washing my hands, I can regulate the water with my elbow. Either a regular faucet will have to be on the whole time, or after each step I’d be washing my hands (and the faucet).

On the base of the Delta Leland Pull-Down Touch2O Kitchen Faucet, a convenient LED monitor shows you the current temperature, changing from blue to red as it changes from cold to hot. Bear in mind though; when the water is flowing, this Lead just switches on. This means that by using the touch function, you’ll have to be a bit more self-aware, and check with the LED that the temperature is what you think it is.

The downside to any touch-activated faucet is the need for a power source and this model needs four AAAA batteries, or if you have an outlet in your sink cabinet, you might use the provided AC adapter. You actually do if you have a garbage disposal.

Single handle faucets such as this would inevitably rust out and begin to leak in my own experience of changing faucets and most plumbers I talked with agree. It is unavoidable. This is why contact activation is a perfect way to prolong the faucet ‘s lifetime.

That being said, Delta does make the same faucet in a regular style for a little cheaper if you don’t think you need the touch activation. Everything else, the Spray Shield, etc., also contains the model.

Installing the Delta Leland Pull-Down Touch2O Kitchen Faucet is pretty easy, even with the solenoid required to control the sensor, if you have a few flexible pliers and an Allen key on hand. With the instruction manual, Delta did a good job, and even has some useful videos that perfectly complement it.

Pros: Trendy, lifetime warranty on materials and finishes, specification decreases wear and tear of the valve.

Cons: There is only a five-year warranty on electronics, and batteries must be checked after 2 years.

Crafted every time, no matter where you hit, for reliable, sensitive power. Using the faucet knob, you can monitor and alter the water temperature above the deck quickly. All of the Touch2O models are water-efficient, underlining the conservation pledge of Delta. With a soft tug, the pull-down spray wand comes free and provides you absolute versatility. Without friction points, the hose stretches and retracts, fed by gravity. The magnet inserted in the spout specifically draws the wand into place as you lift the wand to dock it. So magnetite leaves the pull-down faucet looking picture-perfect, unlike most pull-downs that seem to droop with time. A valve with a durable diamond coating uses Delta’s proprietary DIAMOND Seal Technology. The InnoFlex PEX waterways keep water out of touch with possible metal pollutants within the faucet. This strong mix gives you up to five million uses of a faucet designed to last. Only Delta faucets are fitted with smooth, rubber nubbins from Touch-Clean that allow you to quickly remove calcium and lime build-up with the touch of a finger.