LA: The natural disaster capital of the US

It is renowned for fame, fortune and everything celebrity-related. However, a recent infographic has put a new spin on Los Angeles and shown a so-called darker side.

The team at have designed an extraordinary infographic which looks at the U.S. counties which suffer the most natural disasters.

LA came top of the charts, with no fewer than 72 FEMA disaster declarations since 1953. This was mainly comprised of fire-related disasters, with the following breakdown highlighting the specifics:

  • Fire-related: 52
  • Floods: 7
  • Severe storm: 6
  • Freezing/Snow: 2
  • Hurricane: 1
  • Earthquake: 3

To provide a sense of perspective, the next county on the league table was Riverside County, although this had sixteen fewer disasters. The top five counties for the most disasters looked like the following:

  • Los Angeles: 72
  • Riverside: 56
  • San Bernardino: 50
  • San Diego: 45
  • Ventura: 45

While the numbers for all are high, it is the fire-related disasters that provide the most intrigue for Los Angeles. The 52 disasters dwarf any figure on the infographic. For example, Riverside was next on the list with 32 fire disasters – a staggering difference of 20.

As the media keep unfortunately reminding us, California is one of the big reasons behind this surging figure for LA. Wildfires are common and if we were to turn to 2019 alone, there were a total of 7,860. Not all of these result in natural disasters, but it perhaps provides reasoning on why the fire-related figures are so high.

In fact, at least in relation to the damning statistics, California has a lot to answer for. Every county in the top five list above is part of California – and the number of fire disasters for each is high.

Something else that will raise eyebrows is the number of earthquakes. Again, in comparison to other states, California has suffered a large number over the past decades. This is one of the reasons why homes are built with sturdy materials, ranging from the foundations right the way to the windows.

We will leave you to decipher the infographic in your own time. While LA and California as a whole has grabbed a lot of attention within it, there are several other horror statistics that provide cause for concern.

How To Find Affordable Furniture Storage In Sydney

Sydney is a multicultural city with a very diverse landscape, with mountains, hills, beaches, national parks, forests, lakes, rivers, and of course city centers and suburbs. During the day, you can work in the bustling city center, and at night you can return to the beach resort. .Sydney is notoriously expensive, and in terms of housing, Sydney has ranked second in the world. Prices do vary across the city. As far as the types of real estate offered by Sydney are concerned, there are many types, including modern and older apartments, terrace houses with balconies. Furnishing enough expensive places like this can also be really tricky for furniture shopping. A city that is living standards are so high will also have expensive furniture. So this is to help you out to find affordable furniture storage in Sydney.

How will Nuss Removals and storage help you?

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If at some stage there is a need to recover the goods, they know what items are in each storage container. They are able to locate your belongings quickly and with minimal disturbance to other things. This system limits handling and therefore potential damage. All their warehouses are maintained to the highest standards. Thanks to the security monitoring back to base, your items will be safe at all times.

The process of Nuss Removals and Storage

Their Sydney storage solutions ensure that all items entrusted to them are safe and accountable. Their flexible storage system allows you to pay for containers per cubic meter. Don’t waste money paying for the entire unit. They carry out an internal control of the type and quantity of items to be transported and stored. This allows them to know the size and number of trucks and containers needed. Whether you are in the suburbs or on the subway, they will ship their vehicles to your home they will have the tools and materials they need to make packing and shipping as efficient as possible. And then all your items are numbered, listed and marked. This ensures that all items are cleared and makes it easier to find items.

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Three Tips on How to Choose a Right Plumbing Service for an Improved Drainage System

Many people needing a plumber look for the one who shows up on time, does the job right, and costs you reasonably. Getting a reliable service is not always easy because of the presence of many unreliable companies out there.

So, how to find the right service if you need someone to deal with a drainage problem, such as a blocked drain, hot water repairing, dripping tap, or an emergency plumbing issue?  Here are top three tips on how to find the right plumber in your area.

1.       Look for a Licensed Plumber

Reliable plumbing services have the necessary licensing and certification granted by their respective state. Make sure the plumbing company carries the correct credentials to acknowledge its credibility. They must also hold the required insurance so that you are financially safe is the case of an injury happens at your house.

2.       Do Background Checks

Reading over some customer reviews does not necessarily help you find the right professional. A plumbing service giving you access to both positive and negative reviews shows that they are reliable. Make sure they have the majority of positive reviews to get peace of mind for what you select.

Another way to do a background check of a plumbing company is to check online resources, such as Yelp so that you know the company has a sound track record of providing excellent plumbing services in the past.

3.       Assurance of Emergency Services

Plumbing related emergencies can happen at any time. It could be a burst pipeline in your home or a boiler break, needing an immediate fix. A reliable plumber also needs to be available 24/7 for emergency call-out services. The response time of a plumber will help you decide on whether or not they are worth hiring to fix a drainage problem at your house.