Atlas Pest Control: Why it’s Important to Extract Insects in Time?

Living in a building apartment is somewhat more secured space from insects than living in a house. Still, this doesn’t mean that cockroaches, spiders, moths, and mosquitos won’t find their way inside your home.

In this article, we’re talking about the importance of getting rid of the insects in time. The first moment you realize you have a problem it’s time to call the OKC extermination company called Atlas – Follow up and see why this is so important?

They are damaging your home

All insects, ants especially are capable of digging through thick walls and creating a total mess inside the home. The parts that you’re not able to see with a naked eye are slowly falling apart and you’ll realize this only when it’s too late.

This is the main reason why you need to call the exterminator when ants show up inside your place. Unless you went on vacation and forgot your door open, of course. If everything seems normal and somehow you have insects in your living room it means they found a miraculous way to get through the wall and get inside the place where you eat, sleep and live.

Will occupy your place in no time

If a ladybug gets inside your home somehow, it’s not a big problem, but if you see a cockroach, you need to act right away. The reason for this is that roaches never come alone, they are like cops, always patrol in a couple. If you kill one, be sure that the other is nearby watching.

This still is not a huge problem, the real problem is that in the sewer and at places you don’t see, these things multiply like they are on a mission to occupy your home. Before you know it, there will be so many of them, that no one will be able to put the situation under control. Want to know fact about this? Click here.

They cause asthma and other diseases

Speaking of cockroaches, did you know that they leave dirt behind them that causes asthma in children? Yes, they do! Do you want something like this happening to your child? No, you don’t, of course! Act now. Don’t let your family suffer.

You’ll never stop scratching

Seeing one mosquito in a month is not a big deal, but if you have a general problem with these dangerous creatures you need to do something about it. They are carriers of lots of diseases and can be very harmful.

Do you know how mosquitoes feed? They drink blood from one person by injecting their “nose” directly in the bloodstream. Then, they leave the place and when they are hungry again, they come and do the same to you. You basically, mix your blood with the blood of someone else. Creepy, isn’t it?

What about the bedbugs? You basically can’t see them, but you wake up in the morning and the whole body is itching like you were raided by mosquitos. At least you can see and hear the flying pests. These guys are impossible to battle. Learn more about mosquito problems here:

They infect your food

The refrigerator is not the only place we keep food. We all have that small room, an attic, or the basement where we store things that are not going into the fridge. Flour, potatoes, pasta, all kind of things.

If insects invade this space, the first thing they’ll want to test will be the tasty food left there. They don’t even need to eat it, it’s enough to walk over them and contaminate them. Imagine baking tasty cookies with flour in which a cockroach died in? Nasty, right?

Let alone, they’ll destroy the clothes

Moths do this. Moths are so annoying, it’s impossible. They’ll get inside the room and crawl inside the closet. Moths feed of the textile and enjoy spending days, even weeks inside.

The problem can be easily solved by placing chemicals that are not dangerous to humans but repel these annoying flying bugs.

Never try to fix the problem on your own

Trying to solve this by yourself will only create more problems. Why? Because when you kill a cockroach or any other bug, you didn’t solve the problem, you just won a battle. The war is on and you’re losing.

Trying to destroy them with solution bought from the store might kill them inside the walls or in the sewer but this will leave them rotting there only to attract more of other or the same kind of bugs.

That’s why you need to call the pros that will fix the problem with already known and proven methods. The exterminator will give you a guarantee that the repelling solutions that are being used will keep all insects away for a period of time that’s normal. After this, you’ll need to do the same again. Don’t worry, you’ll probably be safe for a year or so.


If this isn’t enough to convince you to take control of the situation, probably nothing will. Getting rid of insects in time is more important than destroying everything around the house in 100 feet diameter.

Doing this will make your life and the life of your family better. Better health and more time spent at home in complete enjoyment. On top of this, you keep the home safe and this will make it last longer.

How to Find the Best Torch

Whether you are camping, hiking, or just taking your dog out for an evening walk, once the sun sets, you will need a source of light. Torches are available in different forms, and the following guide gives you tips on what should look for to make an informed purchase decision.

Types of Batteries or Power

  1. Battery Powered

A torch’s brightness and run time are dependent on the battery type it uses. Most flashlights use alkaline batteries. The kind of alkaline battery will majorly depend on the torch’s size. For instance, big spotlight torches usually use D batteries, while smaller torches and head torches tend to use AA and AAA batteries. More advanced flashlights may use CR123A batteries whereas some head torches run on flat CR2016 batteries.

Most of the time, it is possible to replace an alkaline battery with a lithium battery. Lithium batteries can hold their charge for a longer time than alkaline batteries and are not susceptible to cold weather. In a cold environment, alkaline batteries will work poorly. As a result, if you’re going hiking or camping in a cold place, it may be better to carry a torch that uses lithium batteries.

  1. Rechargeable

A rechargeable torch operates on lithium-ion batteries that you can recharge via the mains or in a vehicle with the correct adaptor. Since a rechargeable torch needs a power source to recharge and have a shorter runtime than battery-powered models; they may not be the best option if you want to use them for a long time.


  1. Hand-held torches

When you want to see in a particular direction, a good flashlight is the first option. Thanks to advancements in technology like power LEDs and xenon bulbs, these devices can be efficient, powerful, and pocket-sized.

Torches come in a variety of sizes and designs, from small key-ring flashlights and pocket types to big spotlight models. As you shop for a flashlight, put into consideration what serves your needs most. Weigh up choices like battery consumption, weight, brightness, and size.

Like with most things, there’s usually a trade-off with bigger, brighter torches consuming battery power more quickly than smaller models. Note that, although LED bulbs are efficient, in general, a more powerful torch tends to consume more power.

If you need exact illumination, check the torch’s focus function, because some devices can concentrate their beams to a narrow point, raising projection range.

  1. Head Torches

The use of head torches is prevalent among hikers, climbers, archaeologist, and anglers not least as they leave your hands free while giving pinpointed illumination. Similar to other torch-types, they are available in a range of sizes with a variety of light outputs, matching most needs.

Head torches have a head strap system that can be adjusted to fit everybody, and the torch itself allows for adjustment of focus and direction. There are also head torches with multiple bulb settings, which allows for different light levels.

Since a head torch points where the user turns their head, it may be a somewhat disorienting at first; therefore, you should always try on and practice for some time first.

Are you planning to go on a camping trip soon? You can shop for torches at Marshall Industrial.

5 top reasons for hiring the professional carpet cleaners

So, did you ever give it a thought that you should clean your carpets all by yourself? No, we are not talking about the vacuuming of the carpets, that something very easy and quite luxurious as well. We are talking about the real carpet cleaning, that involves removing all kind of stains and use of all those fussy products to get rid of the stubborn stains. Yes, that takes a lot of effort to get cleaned and that requires a lot background knowledge for the removal of the stains.

That brings us to the discussion of why we need to hire the professionals to clean the carpets for you and for this purpose we have populated here a list of reasons that you would find helpful and persuasive. So let’s get started with our list.

  1. The very first thing about the carpet cleaning by the professionals is the time it saves for you, and you can utilize that time in doing something more productive and better.
  2. The second reason for hiring the carpet cleaners is that they can give you the due rest and save you from the tiresome job of carpet cleaning, so it is the simplicity and convenience that these carpet cleaners offer that makes you hire them.
  3. The professional carpet cleaning also gives you the health benefits. They clean your carpets deeply so there are no bacteria residing inside the carpets and you can ensure the health of the family.
  4. When you are up to the carpet cleaning, you will find that getting rid of the odors and smells is not something very easy, rather it could be the most difficult thing to do, but the professionals can ensure that all your carpets are super cleaned and there is no smell in the carpet.
  5. Above all the benefits that these professional carpet cleaners can give you, the best one is the health and extended life of the carpet. With the professional cleaning of the carpets, you can see that the carpets last longer and the threads remain in place. So you need not to worry about losing the touch of your carpets. You will find the services of the Colleyville Carpet Cleaning to be reliable, trustworthy and highly professional as well. This will give you a confidence to hire them again.
Spring Hill Air Conditioning Repair- When Do You Need It?


During the past few years, the use of an air conditioner has become more like a necessity for everyone rather than a luxury. Having a good AC in your house can prevent you from harms of blazing sunlight and the humidity that comes along during summers. But, if you are noticing that your air conditioner is not giving out cool air despite running all day long, be sure to look out for some of these problems.

Unclean Air Filter

When you have an air conditioner in your house, make sure that you are keeping its air filters nice and clean.  You must get them checked almost every month, and change/clean them when it is required. If you do not have them cleaned, the air conditioner will snuff out because dirty filters can block the flow of air towards it. This may lead to less production of cool air into your rooms and will cause the air conditioner to perform its function in a very long time. In some cases, dirty filters can lead to permanent damage to the AC, rendering it unserviceable and useless.

Dirty AC Condenser

An air conditioner works by riveting heat from your rooms and then depositing it in the open-air. To get rid of inside heat and temperature, the condensing unit outside consists of a fan that knock-back air on a warm refrigerant line. But if that condenser is filthy with dirt, rubbish and bits and pieces of grass, it will be very hard for it to toss heat more efficiently.  Spring Hill air conditioning repair can help to fix this problem so the heat can be fully thrown out and your house can stay cool and humidity free.

Blocked and Closed Vents

Another main reason why an air conditioner can suffocate is blocked or closed vents. This is why is it advisable not to close the vents of unused rooms because the inside unit consists of a blower that helps in pulling air from your house which is then cooled by the air conditioner itself. After it happens, the blower pushes that specific air in the supply vents. If these outlets are clogged or closed, the pressure will rise in the duct system, which may lower down the sped of the blower. Now you may get less air out of your air conditioner, making it much longer to get the temperature of your house under control.

Short On Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the most significant part of an air conditioner, so if you are short on that, the cooling inside your house will be very hard to maintain. Sometimes, there is a leakage of an air conditioner refrigerant that should be repaired within the time; otherwise a perpetual impairment may occur within your AC. When you get the refrigerant issue foxed, make sure you also get the leakage checked from a professional otherwise your AC may demand more of it again. Getting a refrigerant can be very expensive, so it should always be a one-time investment only.