Should My Office safe be Fireproof?

Despite advances made in fire prevention and early warning systems the risk of fire and the devastating damage it can cause remains. Offices remain particularly vulnerable as they are usually uninhabited after office hours and are usually full of highly combustible materials. Despite sensitive detection systems this leaves offices and the vital data, information and contents they contain vulnerable. If destroyed a business may never recover.


Why Are Offices So Vulnerable?

Offices are typically full of combustible materials such as paper and cardboard; packaging that has not been disposed of, wastepaper bins and even furniture also present hazards. There are others as well, including power cables that can become worn and electrical equipment that overheats.


An office may be fitted with the latest early warning detection equipment, but this can fail and it can take valuable time for essential fire fighting services to reach the scene of an office fire during which time irreplaceable data and material can be lost.


The Need for Secure Storage

Most people would accept that storing sensitive and unique data and material securely is a must for any business. Regardless of size a business needs to protect the personal data it handles in order to comply with legislation, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation. Although such data may be digitally stored there is still a need to maintain physical records in some business areas and this also needs to be securely stored. Similarly a business that deals in creating unique designs may well have physical material such as drawings and samples that are unique and need careful secure storage. The obvious answer to these issues is a safe.


Should My Office Safe Be Fireproof?

Once the advisability of installing a safe to store sensitive and unique material has been accepted the next issue to be addressed is the type of safe to be purchased and installed. It isn’t a major leap to take from considering the purchase of a safe to thinking about the need for one that is fireproof. The benefits are of course obvious: installing a fireproof safe will afford additional security not only against theft but also against destruction by fire.


The Way Forward

Like anything else it pays to consult a professional when it comes to protecting valuable property or material. There are a number of companies that specialise in fireproof safes such as Secure Safe ( and it makes perfect sense to choose and consult with several such specialists.