Creating A Custom Closet Design

The closets in your home are probably small spaces that have a rod that allows you to hang your clothes. You can get a little creative with your closet design with a few simple ideas. When you are ready to transform your closet, remove everything from it so that you have a blank slate to work with.

If you have a lot of clothes and shoes, then consider transforming your closet into one that looks like a boutique. Learn more about the colors that you can use to make your closet appear larger and those that add a fun appearance to the space. White and pink or peach work well together for an elegant look along with gold trim. If you want brighter colors, then consider blue or green. Darker colors work well if you’re looking for a modern touch. A dark color in your closet can also make it easier for you to see the clothes that you have hanging. Consider installing a center display with drawers or a jewelry organizer to complete your boutique closet.

A modern closet idea can include a simple bench in the center for you to sit on while you’re getting dressed if you have enough space. Another design idea would be to out shoe racks on the floor that can also be used for storage. Instead of wire racks that you would hang on the back of a door, the storage that you use would look like a small table with drawers or with a shelf on the bottom.

As you begin designing your closet, you need to think about how many clothes you have and the other items that you want to store in your closet, such as boxes of decorations or blankets. The types of clothing that you keep in your closet can often dictate whether you hang your clothes or if you will have enough space for shelves. If you have a lot of pants and long items, then you might not want to include shelves. Try to keep dress clothes separate from those that you wear to work or wear around your house. Shoes and accessories can be kept in the center of the closet as a way to divide your clothes. You can also sort your clothes by seasons with fall and winter on one side and spring and summer on the other.

A small closet can be beneficial as it can sometimes force you to go through the clothes that you have. However, you’re going to have to use the corners of the closet so that you utilize all of the space that’s available. Consider using the corners of your closet for the items that you aren’t wearing at the moment or items that are used around the house, such as linens. You can also keep suitcases and purses in the corners of your closet for when they are needed. The final component of your closet should be the doors. Sliding doors are beneficial if you don’t have room for doors that swing out.

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