LA: The natural disaster capital of the US

It is renowned for fame, fortune and everything celebrity-related. However, a recent infographic has put a new spin on Los Angeles and shown a so-called darker side.

The team at have designed an extraordinary infographic which looks at the U.S. counties which suffer the most natural disasters.

LA came top of the charts, with no fewer than 72 FEMA disaster declarations since 1953. This was mainly comprised of fire-related disasters, with the following breakdown highlighting the specifics:

  • Fire-related: 52
  • Floods: 7
  • Severe storm: 6
  • Freezing/Snow: 2
  • Hurricane: 1
  • Earthquake: 3

To provide a sense of perspective, the next county on the league table was Riverside County, although this had sixteen fewer disasters. The top five counties for the most disasters looked like the following:

  • Los Angeles: 72
  • Riverside: 56
  • San Bernardino: 50
  • San Diego: 45
  • Ventura: 45

While the numbers for all are high, it is the fire-related disasters that provide the most intrigue for Los Angeles. The 52 disasters dwarf any figure on the infographic. For example, Riverside was next on the list with 32 fire disasters – a staggering difference of 20.

As the media keep unfortunately reminding us, California is one of the big reasons behind this surging figure for LA. Wildfires are common and if we were to turn to 2019 alone, there were a total of 7,860. Not all of these result in natural disasters, but it perhaps provides reasoning on why the fire-related figures are so high.

In fact, at least in relation to the damning statistics, California has a lot to answer for. Every county in the top five list above is part of California – and the number of fire disasters for each is high.

Something else that will raise eyebrows is the number of earthquakes. Again, in comparison to other states, California has suffered a large number over the past decades. This is one of the reasons why homes are built with sturdy materials, ranging from the foundations right the way to the windows.

We will leave you to decipher the infographic in your own time. While LA and California as a whole has grabbed a lot of attention within it, there are several other horror statistics that provide cause for concern.

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