Home Maintenance To-Dos During the Spring

It may sometimes be difficult to be a homeowner. It seems like you have an endless list of home tasks to complete. Springtime comes before you even notice, so time to create a long task list for the whole season. Today is the perfect time to plan out your home maintenance to-dos. To get started, I have compiled some tips to help you get started before the spring season begins.

Easy-to-follow spring home maintenance tasks

Below is my list of the easiest home maintenance tasks to do during the weekends. Some homeowners often recommend having a home inspection pre-list to learn more about some tasks they don’t know about. For most of us, these tips are fairly simple to accomplish. Without further ado, let’s go through my easy-to-follow spring home maintenance tasks:

  1. Replace the HVAC filter. The replacement of your HVAC filter is one function that you should complete periodically. Most experts recommend doing so every four to six weeks. You may decide how frequently you should change it according to the type of filter.
  2. Clear out gutters. You must clear out your gutters to ensure the rainwater flows freely from your house, especially if you don’t own a rain barrel. Cleaning your canals for this spring is an easy-to-follow task to perform at home.
  3. Apply sealants to your driveway. Keeping the driveway sealed will make your life easier and boost its look dramatically. However, if you plan to sell your property this spring, sealing your driveway could make it look completely fresh on the front. This task can be fairly easy to accomplish on dry weekend, depending on your driveway.
  4. Repaint or repair painted surfaces. Paint in and around your home will chip and fade over time. It reveals bare wood when this happens. You can observe this on your doors, windows, and other fixtures. The newly applied paint on the surfaces will guard the wood against exposure to external elements and prevent further damage.
  5. Replace the batteries of your detectors. It is incredibly important to make sure that all the smoke detectors inside the property function properly. Many recommend testing every smoke alarm for proper function once per month. Also, it is recommended that you change the fire alarms or batteries again in autumn.
  6. Prepare equipment for your lawn. Before you notice, the spring season is just around the corner so prepare all your equipment for your lawn. Some simple ways to prepare your lawn equipment are draining old oil and gas, removing your old spark plugs, and discarding the worn-out air filters and replacing them with new ones. Sharpen or even replace your lawnmower blades in a local store.

After you have done all these things, and if you are bent on selling your house, you may list your home for sale through an agent or online by searching we buy houses Miami. They will make selling your house easier for you.

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