Clean, Leak-free and Safe Washing Now Possible with Shower Cabins

Statistics reveal that around 235,000 individuals are taken to the hospital each year due to bathroom-related accidents. The research also showed that 14 per cent of them are hospitalised for days or weeks due to the injuries sustained from the accident. The elderly are most likely to suffer from bath-related accidents because of their crippled bones and weakened muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Kids are also prone to bathroom-related injuries most especially when they are left unattended.

It can be a horrifying experience to slip on the bathroom tiles, in the tub, or in the shower. You might end up with broken bones, fractured hips, concussion, or worse a deadly bump to the head if you are not careful. Apart from being cautious about your movements, you must ensure that your bathroom is free from leaks and unwanted moisture, most especially on the floor. One of the best ways to do so is to install shower pods.

What is a shower cabin and why do you need one?

Shower cabins or pods are essentially plastic or glass panels that come with metal braces. These are assembled to form cubicles to enclose the shower area. It’s perfect for any bathroom because it keeps the moisture inside the enclosed space and prevents water from leaking into the other parts of the room.

By preventing water leakage, you can significantly lower the risk of accidents in your bathroom. Apart from preventing accidents, you can minimise moisture that promotes the growth of mould and mildew on the tiles or the walls. Enjoy a cleaner and tidier bathroom with a high-quality shower pod. It’s easy to set up, plus it’s reasonably priced.

Where can you install a shower pod in your bathroom?

Most of the time, pods are installed somewhere in the corner of a bathroom because of it’s rectangular or square shape. However, you can always experiment by putting it elsewhere as long as you can properly set up the pipes. It’s best to leave the installation to the professionals to ensure that the plumbing work is done correctly. Also, it’s crucial to get the right measurements to ensure that your pod snuggly fits the designated space. This way you can ensure that your bathroom is totally leak-free.

Shower pods come in different colours and textures, so you have a lot of options when it comes to personalising the final look of your bathroom. In the UK, shower cabins are usually made from thermoformed acrylic or, alternatively, you can purchase a pre-fabricated shower pod from your trusted home improvement supplier. Shower cabins come in various sizes with the largest measuring up to 1,000 mm by 1,000 mm. The smallest is about 700 mm by 700 mm.

Shower cubicles are totally worth the investment because apart from the aesthetic value that they provide, they can also help you prevent life-threatening bathroom accidents. Protect your loved ones and yourself and enjoy a more relaxing shower knowing that you’re less likely to slip on wet flooring. Are you ready to install a shower cubicle now?

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