We have tried multiple techniques to have a clean room every day but the disorder accumulates during the week. Throughout the week, dust settled just like dust mites.

For these reasons, it is imperative to keep the room airy and clean. To achieve this feat, it does not take much time, just create a weekly routine to leave the place to sleep comfortably by having a clean house or you can hire any cleaning service or rubbish removal services such as Cardiff rubbish removals.

7 Practical tips to quickly clean your house

1.Renew the air of the environment

Leave the windows and doors of the room open so that the air can be renewed, eliminating mites and the smell of mold.

In addition, a well-ventilated room is free of moisture, providing a better air for those who sleep in the room Enjoy this trick at any time of the year, including winter. Simple and quick to do!!!!

  2. Oxygenate the bed

With the windows and doors open, pull the sheets and blankets to the foot of the bed. Thus, the mattress “takes the air”. A tip, do it when you wake up.

3. Clean the furniture

Wipe the furniture in the room with a damp cloth. The desk, the bedside tables, the shades, the books and even the mirror of the bed can be places of dust accumulation and the development of dust mites, but also allergens very troublesome for some.

After removing the dust from the furniture, you can always put a varnish of furniture, to make objects brighter and more fragrant.

Many products based on linseed oil have this dual function. Linseed oil is very popular for wood but also marble. I use it to shine my work plan and no regrets.

4. Collect objects that are not part of the room

Many times we ate in the room and ended up forgetting the dishes, cutlery, glasses and other things that should not be in this environment.

Therefore, the indication is to simply collect these objects that are not part of the room and send them back to their place of origin.

5. Clean the mirrors

The points on the mirrors are very common, but there is a very simple way to extract them. All you need is a damp, microfiber cloth in your hand and slide the object quickly, remembering to follow only one direction.

However, if the dirt persists, opt to wipe the mirror with a cloth + detergent. Repeat the cleaning process in a specific direction.

How to repair micro-cracks on our windows? To do this, simply pick a clove of garlic, cut in half (lengthwise) and rub it slightly on the slot.

Then wipe off the excess with paper towels. After performing the procedure, you will notice that all the small cracks have been filled with the natural garlic glue, which will prevent the glass from breaking faster and deeper.

6. Take care of the trash

There are those who have a trash in the room, which facilitates and preserves greatly the organization of the room. In this sense, it is important to empty garbage, recycle and sort. Then replace the old garbage bag with a new bag.

7. Organize the clothes

It is not uncommon to find clothes scattered around the room, because people live in a hurry and end up not having so much time to remove a piece, fold it and store it in the closet.

But on the day of general cleaning, the scattered clothes must have a destination, be it the laundry basket or the folded wardrobe, of course.


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