Can Homeowners in Jupiter Get Tax Credit For Window Film Installation?

Many homeowners in Jupiter, Florida do not realize that certain improvements can, in fact, net them some excellent tax returns. Now you can get tax credits on window films that are installed at many private homes in Jupiter. As per the Energy Policy Act of 2005, a large number of property-owners in Jupiter can obtain federal tax credits after making certain energy improvements to their homes in Jupiter, this includes having home window tinting in Jupiter. However, it is essential for homeowners to remember that there are a few terms and conditions associated with receiving the federal tax credits of up to 10% from the government. $500 is the maximum tax credit that can be granted to homeowners in Jupiter. However, this will not be allowed to be applied to the cost of the installation of window film. It is important to understand that the installation of window film on new properties and rental properties doesn’t qualify for receiving a tax credit. The installation on existing properties only qualifies for tax credits. What are the documents required for obtaining a tax credit?

As much as 10% tax credit can be obtained by the homeowners in Jupiter on their window film installation, provided that the right documentations are submitted at the time of filing tax returns in Jupiter. To get a tax credit, the homeowners are required to submit IRS form 5695 along with their tax returns. A copy of the invoice of the window film provided by the supplier is also needed to get the tax credit. The information on the invoice should be clear. The invoice should have separate costs for installation and material that are used for residential window tinting in Jupiter. A copy of the certification information of the window film manufacturer is also needed for determining whether the window films used do in fact qualify for the tax credit from the IRS. The bottom line Homeowners often forget that they will also be saving money over a long period of time in the form of reduced energy costs, apart from getting tax credits for installing an appropriate window film in their home in Jupiter. Overall energy costs of a building in Jupiter can be reduced by as much as 30% especially during the hot and humid summer, once the right type of window films has been installed by professionals. Apart from reducing the excess heat, window films also block harmful ultra-violet rays. There are instances of homeowners being able to program the a/c to shut down from 12 a.m to 12 p.m. and just using fans for cooling after having energy efficient window films installed in their private homes. They’re saving a lot of money.

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