Tips And Tricks For Concrete Mildew Removal

Mildew growth is a troublesome discovery for any business or property owner. Many people want to know how to remove such mildew from concrete walls and flooring in order to avoid larger and more costly repairs or renovations down the road. This is especially true for decorative concrete surfaces since aesthetic appeal is their number one purpose. Fortunately, anyone can learn to efficiently and effectively remove mildew from concrete floors, foundations, walls, and more. Continue reading to learn some simple tips and tricks to doing just that! Getting Rid of Mildew The culprit behind mildew development is moisture. Moisture can navigate the interior channels and pores of concrete, leading to such accumulation. Even with moisture barriers like sealcoats in place, water can still finds its way if these barriers are worn out or weakened. This is why routine sealcoating is so important for concrete surfaces. For mildew to grow, moisture and darkness must collaborate. This is why concrete walls and floors are common targets. When it comes to getting rid of mildew growth on concrete walls and floors, health and safety is the top concern, which is why immediate remediation is necessary. Right below health and safety is property appeal and preventative maintenance. These reasons and more are why mildew removal is vital for a property’s overall structural integrity. Where to Start To get started, be sure to gather all the necessary components, products, and supplies before you get ready to begin. The process, once underway, should not be interrupted; it must be completed in one sitting. Preparation is helpful so that you do not have to stop in the middle of a mildew removal project to locate additional supplies. You will need clean water, bleach, scrubbing brushes, a clean bucket, and rubber or waterproof gloves. You can also purchase pre-mixed mildew removal products at your local home improvement or department store as well. OTC solutions are equally effective as bleach and water, but they are best suited for smaller surface areas. Here’s a basic guide to mildew removal for concrete surfaces: Collect the necessary ingredients and items. Put on your rubber gloves. Open doors and windows for safe ventilation. Mix 1 part bleach with 4 parts water. Dip your brush or sponge in bleach solution. Vigorously scrub the infected area. Continue scrubbing with force until the mildew is all gone. Dry the area entirely (you must do this step or the mildew will return). Consider professional sealcoating services to prevent additional mildew growth.

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